How to survive the work week

10 02 2009

Monday:  Get reprimanded by your boss over & over for things you didn’t do.  Cry the whole commute home. Wonder if you were really cut out for the business world. Cry some more. Call Dad.

Tuesday:  It’s only Tuesday?????

8am – Drag yourself to work to be told that a project that isn’t due for another week and is almost done “Is taking FAR too long.”  Try to joke about it in your head.  Fail. Try not to cry again. 

8:30am – Set up party plans for the wkend with friends.  Set “Anti-Work” theme.

9am – Get bitched out again. Make plans to finish off that bottle of Bushmills in your cupboard while finishing those graduate school applications.


How to survive the work week from hell? 

A bottle of whiskey & some awesomely cheesy 80’s music.


Buckland & Gooch

5 02 2009

Kate Miccuci is kinda hilarious. Check her out at

Grey & Navy

23 12 2008

Listening:  She & Him – Volume One

Sweet Darlin’

This album feels decades old. Zooey’s voice is phenomenal. If you remember it from the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” scene in Elf, her voice is unique and feels bluesy/folk with a bit of the 60’s. I’ll be listening to this all the way home tonight. Cross your fingers the 2hr drive doesn’t become 4hr. The weather watch warning worries me.

woot. meme.

18 12 2008

1) Favor​ite objec​t in your room?​
I’m extremely posessive about my books – especially my journals which are kept under lock & key.

2) Have you ever smoke​d weed?​
kinda? Once-ish. Everyone else was wasted and they invited me to join. I didnt feel any different, but then again they were so drunk they’d forget to pass or accidently dump it on the floor. More of a mess than anything else.

3) Do you own guns?​
No, but I know how to use them. My grandpa taught me when I was a kid.

4) What flavo​r do you add to your drink​ at sonic​?​
What’s sonic?

5) Do you get nervo​us befor​e docto​r appoi​ntmen​ts?​
No. Should I? I spent most of my childhood in & out of doctors offices. My allergies were crazy bad back then.  Weekly appts, shots, xrays, everything.

6) What do you think​ of hot dogs?​
Eh. The idea is gross, but smothered in ketchup on game day??? mmmm

7) Favor​ite song?​
You Are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne

8) What do you prefe​r to drink​ in the morni​ng?​
Earl Grey to get me going.

9) Can you do push ups?
uhhh prolly less than 10.

10) Can you do a chin up?
Prolly not. The last night I tried was grade school. *shudder*

11) What’​s your favor​ite piece​ of jewel​ry?​
My pearl necklaces. One was a gift from my parents on our cruise, and my dad just gave me the other this year after he was in China.

12) Your pet peeve​s?​
I have a TON but none that I can think of at the moment.  Oooo! When people don’t just accept ‘No.’  Accept it. I don’t have to make excuses.

13) Ever been in a car wreck​?​

14) Do you like to work on your Birth​day?​
eh. no big.

15) What’​s one trait​ that you hate about​ yours​elf?​
lack of discipline

16) What’​s your middl​e name?​

17) Name 3 thoug​hts at this exact​ momen​t.

1. I wonder if it will be a snow emergency and I’ll have to work from home.
2. I’m thirsty.
3. I really need to go christmas shopping.

18) Name 3 thing​s you bough​t today​?​
Book, journal, lunch

19) Name 3 drink​s you drink​ regul​arly?​
Water, Diet Coke, Apple Cider

20)​ what’​s your job?
Marketing Assistant/ Office Bitch/ Gopher

21)​ Curre​nt hate right​ now?
My boss. She is hell in heels. Bitch

23) How will you bring​ in the New Year?​
Worrying about my graduate school applications.  Working out for Hawaii.

24) Where​ would​ you like to be right​ now?
At home curled up on my couch with my comforter and a book.

25) Name three​ peopl​e who will compl​ete this?​
Blah. I found this via traci.

26)​Do you have any odd perso​nal habit​s?​
Am I supposed to list them?

27) What shirt​ are you weari​ng?​
umm dress. jcrew though!

28)​Do you like sleep​ing on satin​ sheet​s?​
I never have. So maybe? maybe not? idk. the idea of satin sheets seems so romance novel trashy to me.

29) Can you whist​le?​
Not really. I can whistle with my lips pursed like when I play the flute but only to call my dogs. The normal kind of whistle is beyond me. believe me. I’ve tried.

30) What will you be doing​ in a year from now?
Cross your fingers – Graduate School for my MBA

31) Would​ you be a pirat​e?​
Um yes? It sounds crazyawesome, but I really doubt there are hott pirate guys. I think that’s one of those only-in-the-movies.

32) What songs​ do you sing in the showe​r?​
None. I usually go through my mental ‘to do’ list for the day.

33) Favor​ite girl’​s name?​
Sophia, Georgie

34) Favor​ite boy’​s name?​
Jack, James, or Quinn

35) What’​s in your pocke​t?​
Dress today. No pockets. 😦

36) Last perso​n that made you laugh​?​
My cousin / former apt-mate who is coming to visit this wkend.

37)​Best toy as a child​?​
LiteBrite, legos

38)​Worst​ injur​y you’​ve ever had?
sprained both ankles at various times, got hit by a golf ball (on a drive), got hit by a car (while biking home), fell down stairs, faceplanted on concrete, and had to have a shard of glass cut out of the bottom of my foot once… but i’ve never even broken a bone

39)​Do you love where​ you live?​
Sometimes. But it isnt home.

40) Do you fart outlo​ud?​
Psh. Girls don’t fart. Who told you that?

41) Who is your loude​st frien​d?​

42) How many dogs do you have?​
Two golden retrievers – although neither are technically mine. They live with my parents, and I miss them like crazy.

43)​Does someo​ne have a crush​ on you?
Not that I know of.

44) Favor​ite part about​ your weeke​nd?​

45) What are you gonna​ do for your next birth​day?​
eh. Haven’t thought that far ahead.

46) Favor​ite Sport​s Team?​
Since moving away from home (and thus away from the team) I’ve been much less gungho about it.

47)​Who are your close​st frien​ds?​
bestest forever? my little sister.

48) Where​ is the next place​ you want to trave​l to?
Either LA or NYC

49) What were you doing​ 12 AM this morni​ng?​

50) What was the first​ thing​ you thoug​ht of when you woke up?
“wha? It’s 4am. Ugh. Someone’s car is spinning in the snow. Wait, who takes their car out at 4am? OMG IS SOMEONE BREAKING INTO MY CAR???”

Lack of Color

16 12 2008

The GMAT is over.  It went… well?  eh.  Better than I thought, but not as awesome as I am capable of.  Might schedule another.

I was doing great until Liz so kindly pointed out that Christmas is NEXT week and not the following as I believed.  Fuck. I have 1/2 gifts for some of my family, but I really really need to go shopping. oi. My credit cards are weeping softly.

In other news, work is making me feel like James McAvoy in Wanted. Or rather, the boss is. ugh. Bitch.

 (Good movie btw. Watched it last night.)

Thank you to all who msgd & called over the wkend to wish me luck.  I’ll try to get back to you yet this week.


10 12 2008

– WordPress dashboard is snowing?

– It’s 15 degrees outside. 

– Instant oatmeal in a coffee mug is more difficult than it appears.

– 30% of my 7th grade class (all 10 of us) is married and just popped out a baby. At least, that’s all I’ve heard about.

– I miss my niece.

– Studying for the GMAT sucks ass.  I haven’t taken a math course since high school’s calculus.  I haven’t studied basic algebra in nearly 6yrs.  Woo. Thanks brain for forgetting everything.

– My younger sister is the best study buddy ever – even long-distance.


My GMAT is next monday which means I have little time to blog or read.  I’ll catch up. Promise!

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5 12 2008

moment with me.


The Scene: 

My cube.  Long phone call w/ the boss who is requesting an extensive information packet be created and sent out today.  Drop everything else.  Work from past Word files to create a similar proposal packet.  Easy stuff.

The Quote:

“Well, can you add a cover to this… wait.  How will this… hmm… Will this be a powerpoint document then? … … … Wait, can these word documents be viewed as powerpoints?”

“You want to send them a powerpoint presentation?”

“What? No. Why would we do that? No no.”

“So you would like these done in the same format as all our past info packets?”

“Of course. How else would it be?”

le sigh