Back to the Future….

26 02 2009

No, I’m not reviewing that epic movie.  Although I’m sure some of you wish I was.  This is an actual talking about the future post.  Scary, huh?

(Expecting the rest of the Vacation Story? It’s coming next, I swears!  THIS however, is the reason I never finished my story on Friday.)

Wonderful opportunities have recently presented themselves.  I suddenly have all the time in the world to finish my graduate school applications because my position was cut last Friday as part of a series of major budget cuts due to the economy.   This was Totally unexpected, but explains why the (ex)Boss was SUCH a fricken pain in the ass over the last few weeks – she wanted me to finish as much as possible before she was left all on her own.

I was let go. Damn. It’s like cancer in that you never expect it to happen to you.

Luckily, I left the company in very good standing.  They expressed deep regret about losing me as an employee and offered to provide any recommendations.  Additionally, the company’s severance pay is usually 2wks salary + unused vacation hours.  I was sent away with 11wks salary, unused vacation, & the bonus I was due to receive in March.  (and they freely admitted there are jobs & projects they aren’t capable of doing without me bc they don’t know how.) Rock on.  AND I’m finally free of the Boss from Hell!!!!!!!!!!!

Once the shock wore off, I packed my duffel, fed Chris the Fish, and drove straight to my parent’s house.  While this is all happening 5 months sooner than expected, at least there will be no guilt about quitting.  Maybe this is God’s way of giving a solid kick in the pants to finish those damned grad school applications.  I’ve one possible job that I’m applying for currently, but I’m wary about trying to pick up something when I’ll be heading out in August.

One note of interest: I am part of a new demographic – I’m one of the 600,000 workers to be laid off this month alone.

And I’m not even mad or freaked out.  It all has a way of working itself out.  Plus, now I can totally get my eyebrow re-pierced!  I’ll have to move out of the city in 2 months which will be kinda sad (bc ‘home’ is so blatantly suburbanly gray) but I was getting bored of it here anyway.


How to survive the work week

10 02 2009

Monday:  Get reprimanded by your boss over & over for things you didn’t do.  Cry the whole commute home. Wonder if you were really cut out for the business world. Cry some more. Call Dad.

Tuesday:  It’s only Tuesday?????

8am – Drag yourself to work to be told that a project that isn’t due for another week and is almost done “Is taking FAR too long.”  Try to joke about it in your head.  Fail. Try not to cry again. 

8:30am – Set up party plans for the wkend with friends.  Set “Anti-Work” theme.

9am – Get bitched out again. Make plans to finish off that bottle of Bushmills in your cupboard while finishing those graduate school applications.


How to survive the work week from hell? 

A bottle of whiskey & some awesomely cheesy 80’s music.

Lack of Color

16 12 2008

The GMAT is over.  It went… well?  eh.  Better than I thought, but not as awesome as I am capable of.  Might schedule another.

I was doing great until Liz so kindly pointed out that Christmas is NEXT week and not the following as I believed.  Fuck. I have 1/2 gifts for some of my family, but I really really need to go shopping. oi. My credit cards are weeping softly.

In other news, work is making me feel like James McAvoy in Wanted. Or rather, the boss is. ugh. Bitch.

 (Good movie btw. Watched it last night.)

Thank you to all who msgd & called over the wkend to wish me luck.  I’ll try to get back to you yet this week.

Share in this

5 12 2008

moment with me.


The Scene: 

My cube.  Long phone call w/ the boss who is requesting an extensive information packet be created and sent out today.  Drop everything else.  Work from past Word files to create a similar proposal packet.  Easy stuff.

The Quote:

“Well, can you add a cover to this… wait.  How will this… hmm… Will this be a powerpoint document then? … … … Wait, can these word documents be viewed as powerpoints?”

“You want to send them a powerpoint presentation?”

“What? No. Why would we do that? No no.”

“So you would like these done in the same format as all our past info packets?”

“Of course. How else would it be?”

le sigh

Oh Happy Day!

16 10 2008

Received early this afternoon from a counterpart at our Corporate Office:

“I wish every office had a Grace!  How do you feel about cloning?”

When I grow up…

8 10 2008

Amy got me thinking.  I’d love to hear back from all of you.







What did you want to be when you grew up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?








I wanted to be a dancer, publisher, businesswoman, or the first woman president.

Now, I’d like to be Director of Marketing for a big magazine at Condé Nast.
Resume available upon request. 😉

My boobs are distracting

24 09 2008



On Monday, the Boss (female) said we needed to discuss my attire. I nearly died on the spot. She commented a few times when I had just started that I needed to “pull up my tank top” because people standing behind/next to me while I was sitting could see down my shirt. (ya think?) But this was the first time she really straight out said she thought a few of my past outfits were inappropriate. Get this, she says “So (*pointedly looking at my shirt*) starting tomorrow, please be more careful.”

For the record, I know they’re hard to ignore. It’s cool. You can stare. I’ve gotten used to it & am not bothered. 9yrs of teasing does that. However, since the initial comment from her (over a year ago) I have never worn a shirt that shows a hint of boobage. Not even a shadow. Now that’s worthy of an award.

So who the fuck of the 0-2 people I see a day is finding themselves distracted by completely covered* cleavage? Because I know you’re all married!!! creeps.



In other news:

While I still don’t have anything to sit on besides a foldable camping chair & the carpeting, I made soooo much progress on the new apt! I’d post pictures but my year old camera mysteriously stopped turning on. (from disuse?) I’ll post them as soon as I can.

  • Bedroom is painted & I BUILT a bookshelf for it. Ok, so Dad helped.
  • Most of my framed travel pictures are hung
  • All my electronics are sorted and setup.
  • Even my closets are organized!!!


And in a record to end all records: Chris the Fish is still alive. But I think he hates me…

*Also, I usually end up topping off my shirt+sweater combo with my Northface bc the office is so.fucking.cold.everyday. wtf? How can I hide them any more???? Should I relocate to the basement? Find a chair that makes me 6ft tall while seated? erg. Fuck you Boss. Fuck you.