Weekend Update

24 11 2008

The wonderful weekend ended this morning when I awoke at 4am to fat, fluffy flakes falling outside my bedroom window.  It was heaven.  I hope the rest of you had enjoyable weekends whether you were out partying, protesting, or Twilighting!

I nervously agreed to join a co-worker out for drinks w/ her friends on Friday night.  I’m so pleased I went.  It one of the best nights this year!  We met up at a downtown hotel bar (where apparently ALL of the after work set go) at 6pm and drank straight to 11:30pm.  I met a bunch of awesome people including a hot engineer named Nate (who prefers to tell everyone he’s a magician bc it’s ‘more fun’) and an adorably geeky team leader named Tom.  After happy hour and $5 martinis ended, the birthday girl led us on to a nearby swanky sports bar.  Even though I admitted my horrible darts skills at the beginning of the night to Nate, he asked me to be his partner in a game of cricket.  We came in 2nd (boo. I like winning).  The bar crawl proceeded somewhere else (I’m 3 whiskeys in), and I left at 11:30.  There were hugs all around and promises to get together again soon. 

It was a fantastic night.  I left at just the right time – a.k.a. before I embarrassed myself with a faceplant or bartop passout.  No, I didn’t get Nate’s phone number or anyone else’s for that matter (too drunk to remember those important things).  However, I did drunk dial my younger sister and literally sang to her my woes of wearing heels and getting drunk for the first time in months.  She played the voicemail for my Mom and 14 yr-old brother.  I am now the lovable laughingstock of my family.  woot.


The rest of this wkend was spent studying for the upcoming GMAT.  I’m scared stiff that I won’t get into any MBA program anywhere.  Therefore, studying my ass off.  (It’s actually kinda fun. sad, I know) 


I did take a break to watch the premier of YouTube Live – the first annual YouTube awards show.  It surpassed every other awards show I’ve ever seen.  Granted there were only like 2 awards given out.  The rest of the show was a showcase of some of the most original creativity I’ve ever seen.  There were the requisite ukulele players, Beardyman (beatbox phenom), Chad Vader, Planet B-Boy, and everyone’s favorite ‘My whole family thinks I’m gay” comedy singer Bo Burnham.

The Visionary Award went to Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan who has been a recent role model of mine.  She was celebrated for her use of online videos to educate the world about the Arab culture and unite the Arab community.  If you have a chance, learn more about Queen Rania at her website.  She is an incredible woman.

My sole reason for watching this live event was to see Jon Chu’s latest project:  The League of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD).  The video below of their performance is low quality and fails to capture the detail of perfection.  Click the link to find it on YouTube and select to watch in High Quality (HQ link is below the volume button).

Check out 3:10 for the beauty of the strange but awesome similarities in grace between the krump dancer and ballet dancers.

A Danger to Self & Others

7 10 2008

At Ben’s request, here is me at my alcoholic worst.  It was a struggle to chose just one when the options are so plentiful:

  • Getting mistaken for a prostitute by cops in London. 
  • “Breaking it in” party – where we actually broke in the door. Serious. We shattered the doorframe.
  • Last Halloween’s wastoid face plant outside the capitol building that ripped my shirt  – completely exposing my rack (much less attractive when the girl’s face is bleeding & she remains completely unaware).
  • Reader beware: if you are male, you might hate me after reading this.


    A little introduction:
    The summer after studying/working in London I tried (and failed) to maintain my tolerance.  In London, we partied nonstop, and 5 straight shots of vodka was considered pre-game.  Being home meant ZERO alcohol as I was only 20 & living with my strict parents.  Unfortunately, I figured my tolerance would remain the same despite the 2months sans alcohol. (ah to be young & stupid!)

    Mr. Opportunity studied London same the semester. We were no more than poker buddies with a common high school.  When we went abroad, we realized we had tons in common and met up in central on several occasions.  Lots in common – but no spark.  When we returned stateside, he showed interest (which I encouraged until I met Indie).  By the time of this story, I had told him twice already that I only wanted to be friends.


    Music Festival Mishaps
    My cousin (aka former Roomie) invited me down to the city for a weekend during the huge two week long music festival.  Our game plan was to drink-til-drunk at the boyfriend’s and then walk to the festival grounds to catch some band or other.  CL & Mr.Opportunity joined us.

    7:00 – Vodka mixed drinks & vodka shots – heavy on the vodka. I was determined to show off my rockin tolerance.  Sure enough, I could still drink vodka like water.  Rum & gin were introduced to the night.  I remained seated for the majority of this time – excepting a few dance offs to Africa by Toto.   Mr.Opportunity used his position seated next to me to continually try to put his arm around me.  I’d swat it away every time.

    Drink count: NINE

    9:30 – We downed our last drinks before heading to the festival.  We are all wasted, but I’m the worst. My last full memory is of nearly falling as I stood up & grabbed my purse.  From here on out the story is what I’ve been told by CL, Roomie, & Mr. Opportunity. 

    Mr.O takes charge of walking me to the festival grounds.  As we walk & talk, he keeps putting his arm around me and trying to kiss me.  I have a fleeting memory of standing in the middle of the sidewalk makeing out with him then pushing him away and telling him off for kissing me.  This happened all night. He’d kiss me – I’d go along with it – Push him away – Get angry & Tell him off – He’d kiss me again… and on and on.

    10:00 – The gate to the grounds is in sight. It suddenly occurs to me that my purse is no longer on my shoulder.  It’s GONE. I yell to alert group to this disaster, take off my flipflops & bolt in the opposite direction.

    10-11:00 – Spent chasing around the edge of the grounds trying to find the woman who had found my purse and brought it to the police setup.  CL & Mr.O were holding me up.  Roomie & her boyfriend were in ExtremeFightMode.

    11:30 – Get purse back. It still has my Coach wallet, credit cards, social security card, digital camera, & cell phone.  Missing:  $50 cash.

    Roomie chases her boyfriend home where they scream & chuck shoes at each other before having sex & passing out.

    CL & Mr. O attempt to get a cab.  This whole time I am still in the cyclical Makeout/TellOff/Makeout/TellOff.  (encourage/discourage? crazy much?)

    Midnight – Cab arrives.  As we drive to Mr. O’s apt, I proceed to tell him off again for touching/kissing/bothering me.  To express my anger, I punch him in the junk. 

    Yes. You can hate me now.

    12:20 – There’s a party happening at Mr.O’s place.  I spend time in the bathroom puking my guts out while CL tells me nice things. She helps me brush my teeth, and we go back out to the party.

    2:00ish – Three of us crash in Mr.O’s room.  He & I are sharing his air mattress (classy) and CL curls up on the floor in a corner.   The corner complains “omg. Will you two STOP making out and GO TO SLEEP” several times.  We dont.*  She doesn’t leave the room.

    ??? – I tell Mr.O that I want to have sex but with a boyfriend.  I tell him I want a boyfriend.  He asks if I like him.  I say No.**

    Morning – Corner says “omg. You two would NOT stop making out last night. Not cool.”  I say “Where’s my skirt?”

    Don’t be a Jonze


    *OMG. OMG. Who the fuck makes out with a girl with no memory who has just spent the last hour throwing up???? AND punches them in the junk? disgusting.
    ** Somehow this was interpreted as I wanted him to be my boyfriend… not sure how.

    Things I’ve left behind…

    24 04 2008

    You name it, I’ve left it somewhere. From pillows to pills, camera chargers to keys, I have dropped, forgotten or misplaced just about one of everything. Unless we’re counting my keys – cause I lose those prolly ever 4-6months. However, there are some main things I’ve discarded whether accidentally or on purpose that at least I find slightly hilarious.

    Things I’ve left behind…

    • Back in the college days, I was visiting roomie & somehow allowed my purse (complete with wallet, $$$, soci card, credit cards, camera & cell) to fall off my arm as we walked to the music festival. I realized it just before we entered the fest, took my flipflops in hand and booked it in the opposite direction with only a “oh my god my purse!” to tell anyone where I was going. Actually, the realization and running are all I remember since I blacked out early. I don’t remember even leaving for the festival or making out with Mr.Opportunity or punching him in the balls for making out with me.
    • New Years 2008 – keys
    • Just recently in Vegas, I wore a low cut bra I had picked up on clearance at Vicki’s. It wasn’t the best quality and was a little old, but it was the only bra I had to work with that sexy LBD that V’ed down to ‘there’. 2 hours into the party at Hugh Hefner’s Sky Villa (for serial!) the front snapped. The FRONT. I wore it… undone… for a few uncomfortable hours. At 4am I gave up and threw it into Hugh’s trash and went without for the rest of the night.
    • Last weekend – keys
    • Last summer roomie & I celebrated our apt with our first party. LittleMissDrunky aka me didn’t join the rest of the group at the bars. I had to be walked back home by Indie because I hadn’t remembered my purse, cell, $ or DRIVER’S LICENSE. Dumbass. I don’t remember any of this but since I forgot my keys too (as did roomie) Indie had to kick the door open – splintering the doorframe. Rock the fuck on.

    and finally…

    • In London I woke up one morning thinking “GAH. I peed in an empty street between 2 cars last night. I can’t believe I did that. … OMG I took off my socks and left them there. Why on earth? … wait… I was wearing heels…. wait, where’s my underwear?”

    Good times, good times. So kids, forgotten anything? Got a good story?


    24 03 2008

    The Vegas in T-18 Days.
    I can’t wait!  I’m meeting up with all the girls from my time spent in London.  It is so difficult to believe that I haven’t seen at least half of them in 2 full years.  Wow. 

    On this day 2 years ago…. I would’ve been working in Twickenham, commuting back to S.Ken, stopping at Sainsburys for a bottle of store brand vodka and some Diet Coke, throwing on a short skirt & heels and taking pulls from the delicious mix on the tube with the girl friends.  Then stumbling into the nearest ONeills or Walkabout and dancing my ass off.

    Look out Vegas!  Here we come!  With 3 nights, 3 days planned… we’re gonna be spending lots of mornings in recovery and nights on the town.  I can’t even recount half the ridiculousness that is our group.  There was….

    • The morning I laid out at the local A&E (not shopping like my roommate thought – it’s Accident & Emergency) to get a doctor to cut a shard of glass out of my foot.  Drunken me walked home barefoot the night previous.  Brillant
    • Getting left at the bars by your swasted friends
    • The AZ girlies sneaking some guys home with us – past the horribly observant mid-eastern front desk people.  When they got kicked outa their room, they all slept on the floor of ours.
    • Making my roommate get off the bus… and walk three miles to our place – because I had decided we were most definitely past our bus stop
    • Being mistaken for a hooker in my short skirt & trench  – by the cops
    • Going home with a friend and a random in Putney – and playing his version of PS2 & MarioKart til all hours while drinking his wine and refusing his advances
    • Tripping out the door of O’Neills …over & over & over
    • Walk of Shame – not mine, but witnessing it…
    • And finally, the mornings of “how did I get home?” over Starbucks and laughing at the pictures we captured the night before

    Anyways, Vegas is gonna rock!

    Ps – Psyched for the NewYorkNewYork ROLLERCOASTER!

    Hangovers & Meeting the neighbors

    20 03 2008

    (I was supposed to publish this on the 18th but forgot.)

    What crackhead put Easter so close to St. Paddy’s Day? A bit hungover this morning. Rocked the dance floor last night at the local pub! Granted my ‘competition’ was all drunker than I, but I definitely put those 3 years of Irish Step dancing classes to some use finally! One treble jig later *And the crowd goes wild!* Fuck yes!

    Last night looked to be aiming for a night in. I was exhausted and ready to start a new Jane Austen book. Roomie was looking for a bit more and pulled out the beer. We heard a door open in the hall, and she ran for it – loudly.
    “Grace! It’s them!”
    (whispering) “shh. Yes. But I thought I saw them the other day outside the building. They aren’t very cute. Boo.”
    “What?! No way, I think you must’ve seen someone else. Look! One is even really buff!”
    (mouthing) “They can hear you!”
    “Oh now he’s looking this way!” (long pause) “Huh. He’s still looking at our door.”
    (in sign language) “They can hear you!”
    “What?! Oh god!”

    We watched via the peephole as the two guys went into their apartment. The door shuts. We each crack open a second beer. Yea we’re stalkers. Whatev

    One of the best/worst things about life with roomie is our thought patterns. She is “let’s go!” Whereas I like to first visualize a situation from every possible positive/negative angle calculating risk. Her way won out as I determined that at least we’ll prolly never see them if it is all awkward since no on in the bldg interacts. So we hopped over and introduced ourselves.

    They’re good looking, our age, funny, nice, and totally welcoming. They showed us their apt, we showed them ours. Chatted for almost an hour and met some of their friends. They told us they just moved up here last wk, played rugby together, and are not used to a non-dorm setting. They have cable and love to cook so we’ve been invited over “whenever your small, noncable tv just doesn’t cut it.” We’re talking about doing a dinner together soon! sweet.

    Then we went out the Pub to meet up with friends. There was live music and dancing upstairs. Basically it was mostly just a bunch of drunks swinging each other around and jigging in a tap/polish/irish/russian-equse way. When the circle opened up I did a treble jig (or rather as much of it as I remembered). It was great! Several random people said I “stole the show.” Such a confidence boost!

    Roomie remembers bits of the ‘jump-2-3’ that we taught her ages ago but that’s it. It was awesome to feel like I kinda had the higher ground for once. I know that sounds bad but hearing that another friend-of-friend (‘the comedian’ or TC) digs her kinda made me sad. I’m not even interested in him, but to have another one go to her? Anyway. Enough being depressing.

    I told her what our friend said about wanting to set me up with TC – but TC wanting to be setup with roomie. It took her by surprise, but I realized that I don’t need to keep those things in. I need to find balance by being open and okay with things. Learning to remain in state of happiness. 🙂 Ended up joint calling TC and we chatted with him for a while which was awesome – really reaching out past that friends-of-friends barrier. (my idea) Unfortunately, he’s in NY but we’re making plans to hangout when he gets back.

    Pushing my limits a bit? I think so! Fuck yes!

    Remember SCE?

    2 03 2008

    Ahh the weekend. With a week that seemed to be refusing to end, I was ecstatic when Friday finally arrived.

    Needing a bit of a pick-me-up, Roomie & I decided to check out the local comedy cafe for some standup that night. We called a few of our favorites but only one other person was interested in going along. SCE.

    As I mentioned before, he came to our party last wkend …. wait, just checked. Didn’t actually post about that party… will have to scrounge up my journal to find the bit. hang on.

    I love parties. Ridiculous, loud, wild, drunken parties. And I love hosting them. Roomie & I planned, invited, shopped, & I cleaned. This apt was READY. Come last Saturday, only 5 people had rsvped.  And none were girls.

    JL & our cousin P came early in the night, and for a long while it was just the 4 of us sitting around the kitchen recounting our best drunken adventures – like JL getting accidently getting into a car of hookers thinking it was a cab and losing his wallet as well as being dropped in the middle of the ghetto with nothing but a bag of candy.  My initial fears of a lameass party were dismissed completely.  P & JL are the friendliest, most outgoing guys I know.  They could make friends with anyone.  The party was bound to go well.

    3hrs later, we’re in the middle of an intense game of Catchphrase coupled with Table Topics set to music of The Hold Steady.  Sometime before midnight, 9 guys & 2 girls left the apt in search of the bars.  3 more hrs later, most of us are blackedout wandering home from Qdoba.  I’m still not sure what happened to the rest of the group.  I’m assuming they went home.  But I do remember standing in the kitchen continuing to flirt ridiculously with SCE (who was invited by JL not by me).  Then I up & decided to go to bed.  How freaking responsible of me!!! I even remember mulling over the fact that SCE obviously was ready to come back to my bed too, but chose not to invite him. Passed out.

    You always learn a lot the next morning.  That’s what cameras are for right?   When I woke up alone at 8, I realized my careless nature meant my camera was MIA.  Fuck.  I threw on clothes and rewalked our journey from the night before.  Nowhere to be found. Dejected, I returned to the apt. Walked into roomie’s to find her curled up between JL & another of our guests in her double bed.  “Oh I dont know where your camera is, but I know where this one is.”  …it was mine.

    So what randomass shit did we get up to?  Well, apparently we amassed 14 noise complaints.  14! Roomie alerted me to this sometime after I re-blackedout, after I drunk dialed Indie twice, & sometime after the 4am kitchen waterfight & arrival of the cop at the door.  Yes, a cop.  No ticket though! Just a verbal warning this time.

    Anyway, so we had a great time with SCE at the party and figured it’d be fun to invite him along to the comedians. The 3 of us had a great time. Our table ended up being immediately in front of the stage. Led to a few tits, pretties, & elimidate jokes. (we actually did look a bit like an episode w/ all of us on one side of the table & SCE sitting between us. lol) Smiling still hurt the following morning.

    After the shenanigans at the cafe, we drove downtown to hang out with our mutual friend JL at the college bar. Several drinks later, roomie deduced that SCE was not fit to drive home and invited him back with us. He and I had been flirting on/off all night and eh, he did seem a little tipsy.  A few intense eye contacts “Should I come back with you?” later, and we’re in my kitchen making out after Roomie went to bed. Did I tell him to sleep on the v.comfortable couch? Of course not. 😉 Waking up in the morning curled up in his arms was wonderful. I’d wake up like that everyday if I could.

    Sia Concert

    28 02 2008

    Slacking off per usual.  I’ve been meaning to write all week but haven’t really had much to say outside of “I’m feeling paranoid.”  See what’s the point of a truely outrageous rant on the fact that I haven’t spoken to Indie since Sunday?  It’s Thursday.  I’m not going to go into the details of the high levels of brain activity causing a major slippery-Madison-hwys type traffic jam preventing all non-Indie thoughts to escape unharmed.

    But I will not subject you to that rant.  I’ve been very good all week.  I have mentioned him only 2x in passing (including to my roomie).  So, for now, Chapter Indie has been closed.

    What else is there to write about?  Oooo! How about the concert I went to last night?!


    Well, I’d hadn’t actually heard of Sia before Roomie played Breathe Me the night we added new pictures to our HotGuyWall.  (had to add our Hayden Christensen!)  She invited me to the concert, and I’m never one to turn down a concert (Even when I’m paying. gads! All my $$$ is just flying out the door. Please pay me back people!) 

    She scared me. A little. Initially.  This is how they walked out on stage:

    via TeenVogue

    Let’s see, can you pick out the pianist, drummer, bass, Sia, guitar, & cello?  I think not. But those are their actual costumes for the first song.  I’m not familiar with her songs or I’d provide the setlist.  However, I will say she was Phenomenal!  I’m sure you know who she is – without realizing it.  Breathe Me has been featured in various films/shows – most notably the last episode of Six Feet Under.  That song is a little misleading though.  I imagined most of her music to sound like that.  Her personality must also be of that realm – soft, inviting, real.

    Be my friend / Hold me, wrap me up / Unfold me / I am small / and needy / Warm me up / And breathe me

    No.  The moment she picks up that mic, she amazes with a powerful voice that weaves in and out of the delicate and the harsh.  She’s completely unique and intriguing.  What made the concert was how she carried it.  This wasn’t just a show; it was an interaction with the crowd.  The austrialian dedicated song after song to randoms in the audience – including an “Eric the Truck Driver who had a booboo when I met him at the gas station this morning.”  There is a very different vibe to a Sia concert from your average.  When she stepped away from the mic she was like a little 7 year old girl complete with higher pitched voice, fluttering hands, random dancing and “do you really like me? really? sweeeeeet!” type attitude.  She gave away some of the random stuff animals sitting on the stage and recieved gifts from audience members – many of whom were sporting glow sticks and necklaces.

    A bit off?  Seems that way at first, but it’s really kinda like watching your uber-excited favorite niece up on stage because she’s so adorable.  And then she sings.  You HAVE to check out her music.  It’s so beautiful!  She plays with lyrics and the music.  Watching her in concert is like seeing your bestie from elementary standing outside your door “Come out and play!!!!”

    Currently Loving:

    • Breathe Me
    • Little Black Sandal
    • Sunday
    • The Girl You Lost to Cocaine

    As always, you can watch videos and listen to full length tracks on Last.FM – Sia on last.fm