I Love College

28 02 2009

A selection of videos to bring a smile to your face.

1. An oldie but goodie:  Weezer + Muppets – Keep Fishin’

2. I haven’t seen the movie and I’ve been told not to.  However, THIS video “Ten Chick Flick Cliches You Won’t Find in HJNTIY” is HILARIOUS. I luvs these boys.

3. So I heard this song while driving home today.   The song is so whatev and lame but weirdly growing me…  I guess it just brought me back.  I never thought I’d miss college, but now 2 years out, I guess I do.

If I could go back, I’d play more beer pong.


Grey & Navy

23 12 2008

Listening:  She & Him – Volume One

Sweet Darlin’

This album feels decades old. Zooey’s voice is phenomenal. If you remember it from the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” scene in Elf, her voice is unique and feels bluesy/folk with a bit of the 60’s. I’ll be listening to this all the way home tonight. Cross your fingers the 2hr drive doesn’t become 4hr. The weather watch warning worries me.

“Don’t let your gf read Twilight”

24 11 2008

It’s still snowy!  I’m trying not to skip down the halls at work.  Work is a bitch today. I should be sad, but it’s just too beautiful out!!! Happiness!

The only things that could make this better are snow angels, a snowball fight, and hot chocolate.  Instead, I’ll settle for Earl Grey, blogs to read, and sneaking peaks out the window from my deserted boss’ office.


Congrates to Twilight on hitting $70M in the first weekend.  Looks like we will be getting that New Moon sequel.  woot!

Even better?  Ashley’s post led me freeandflawed’s guide on Guidespot: Why your girlfriend shouldn’t read/see Twilight.  It is GENIUS!!!! I nearly cried with laughter. It’s a definite MUST READ.  now.  You must read it right now.  Right. Now. Hilarious writing.

I downloaded the Twilight soundtrack last week in a moment of extreme weakness.  Normally, I avoid soundtracks like the plague bc they usually suck.  However, this one is phenomenal!  I adore the songs Spotlight by MuteMath and Full Moon by The Black Ghosts.  It includes a song from Rob Pattinson aka Edward (plus a bonus song if you download via iTunes).  I love his bluesy voice.  It’s completely different than what you would expect.  Completely wonderful.  Which is why I searched and downloaded a few more from random spots online. Online he has gone by Bobby Dupea (a Jack Nicholson character).  If you want Stray Dog, I’ll be your Lover, Broken, or To Roam, let me know and I’ll post share them in mediafire.  My favorites are Never Think and I’ll Be Your Lover.

Guilty Pleasure Tuesday

22 10 2008

Lil Wayne + techno-pop = Why do I love this song so much???

Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne – Let It Rock

Oh yea. It’s because of my unnatural love for Lil Wayne.
Fuck. Stuck in my head.

Most Exciting Bands in America

17 10 2008

I’m not sure how I missed this back in August, but NME put out a list of 25 acts making America cool again here with videos of the bands and ‘sounds like’.  They followed up on it with an additional list Most Exciting Bands In America – NME.COM Users Have Their Say here with a lot of bands I’ve never heard of. 

Do you listen to any of the bands on here? Love/Hate?  It seems a pretty narrow range of music – the indie side of rock, hip hop, rap, etc.  I’ve starred the ones I listen to regularly.  Give a shout out for bands on here (or you think should be) that you love. I’m dying to check out some new stuff!


The original list

  1.   Vampire Weekend
  2.   Lil Wayne *
  3.   Glass Candy
  4.   Kings of Leon
  5.   MGMT *
  6.   Spank Rock
  7.   TV on the Radio
  8.   Boy Crisis
  9.   Black Kids *
  10.    Holy Ghost Revival
  11.    The Hold Steady *
  12.    Fleet Foxes *
  13.    Amazing Baby
  14.    Jay Reatard
  15.    Health
  16.    The Cool Kids
  17.    Black Lips *
  18.    Yo Majesty
  19.    White Denim *
  20.    Telepathe
  21.    Iglu and Hartly
  22.    Chester French *
  23.    Girl Talk *
  24.    The Death Set
  25.    Grace Jones


The Fan’s List:

  1.   No Age
  2.   Asobi Seksu
  3.   White Rabbits
  4.   Yeasayer
  5.   A Place to Bury Strangers
  6.   The Whigs
  7.   The Virgins *
  8.   Delta Spirit *
  9.   Ra Ra Riot
  10.    Weather Underground
  11.    Boys Like Girls
  12.    Bon Iver
  13.    Semi Precious Weapons
  14.    Busdriver
  15.    WE Barbarians
  16.    The Little Ones *
  17.    The Morning Benders *
  18.    Shwayze
  19.    The Dead Trees
  20.    Battles
  21.    The Redwalls *
  22.    Bound Stems
  23.    Kaki King
  24.    Snowden
  25.    Grand Archives

Ben Folds – Way to Normal

29 09 2008

Fumbling through Last.FM, I was stunned to see a new album from Ben Folds.  When the hell did this come out? 

Oh. Today.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but the initial comments don’t look good.  I’ve only heard Dr. Yang & the other full tracks available on Last.FM but they sound pretty decent.  Granted, I don’t think I’ll ever love another album as much as I loved Songs for Silverman & Ben Folds Live

Check out the cover art though – almost Mary Poppins meets Royal Tennebaums. (Don’t ask me how that works. It’s what I see in my head)  And since we’re on the topic of visual, isn’t this kinda awesome? I’ve never heard this version.  Apparently, it’s on the Way to Normal album.

I started

25 09 2008

a post on the evolution of my awesome music taste through the ages. Unfortunately, I sounded a bit like a prat. I started to rework it and sounded like a loser. *tear* Maybe someday I’ll post it. In any case, my music taste is awesome.

last.fm: lashambles13

The Boss is gone today (yay!) and already Indie is chatting at me. For those of you unfamilar with Indie, go here for the summary paragraph. Strangely enough, I’m kinda tired of chatting with him. We still talk (on meebo or txting – forever our only link of conversation) at least once a week. He still makes me laugh harder than most. But I think I’ve gotten bored of the 10am “boner” txts and many of our meebo chats turn to drawn out small talk. I guess I’m just bored. huh. I told him I’m in a mtg & unavailable. Now I feel a little guilty.



So did you guys watch Bush’s address last night? I’ve got to be honest, he scared me. Throughout the week I’ve heard murmurs of discomfort in the financial sector with a new proposal to ‘save’ our economy. The speech topped it off. I called home and my genius father explained it all to me.

Now jury is still out on my vote for the Election. Bush invited both candidates to DC to join in the discussion on how to fix the financial crisis. McCain asked to delay Friday’s debate in order to focus temporarily on this. “Speaking to reporters in New York, McCain said he would suspend his campaign to work on banking legislation, saying President Bush’s proposed $700 billion bailout appeared unlikely to pass.” msnbc.com

and Obama replied with: “It’s going to be part of the president’s job to be able to deal with more than one thing at once.” msnbc.com

which I agree with, but… doesn’t that sound a little petty? I mean it sounded to me like Washington was all “hey let’s bring everybody together to show bipartisanship and figure this fucker out.” It’s not like McCain said “Er, geez I’m just not prepared enough for the debate. Can we delay so I can study more?”

Alright, argue with me. Do you agree it sounded a little petty?