Vacation Story: Celebsighting (contd.)

27 02 2009

This is continued from the previous vacation post found here.

One of the few nights my Dad didn’t have a business dinner to attend, we went out for dinner in Poipu.  The restaurant Keoki’s was a laidback seafood place with a split level.  My family sat on the lower level right next to the stairs.  Being the kid-at-heart that I am (f*ing immature), I started up a rousing game of hangman w/ my younger siblings.*  This behavior continued through dinner despite my hot guy radar going off mid-meal when another family sat down nearby.

“Yes! Hot guy at 2 0’clock! Gosh, from side profile, he kinda looks a bit like John Daley from Bones.  Damn fuzzyness. Why didn’t I wear my glasses?”**

However, I couldn’t see clearly enough to think much of it.  I made notes in my mind of the few times Mr GoodLooking glanced at our table but continued giggle, chatter, and tease my sibs & parents.

When we got up to leave, we walked up the steps to the main level (located right by his table).  As I reached the top stair, he turned and looked right at me.  Now, just 3 feet away, I had no difficulty recognizing one of my favorite actors.  John Daley, the once adorable freshman in Freaks and Geeks and current genius psychiatrist on Bones, was sitting RIGHT THERE.  I barely stumbled away intact.

Was it obvious? Was STARSTRUCK written all over my forehead? Did he see it, or did I walk alway in time?

For the next hour of my life, the only words that made it past my lips were “Dude!” and “Oh my God!” As a relatively articulate adult (almost 23!!!) it was not one of my proudest hours I’ll admit.

For those of you going “John Daley…. Was he in… no… wait…”

John Daley as Sam Weir in Freaks and Geeks (2nd from left)

John Daley as Sam Weir in Freaks and Geeks (2nd from left)

John Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones

John Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones

I’m sure many of you have run across a celebrity at some point in your life.  The question is “do you approach them?”  I’ve always tried to stay away – respecting that they probably want to go out in public without being fawned on all the time.  Yet, part of me wishes I had said something.***

Anyone?  If you’ve run into a celebrity: actor, actress, musician, politician, athlete, author, whateverfloatsyourboat- how did you react?


What was supposed to be a crude sketch-up in Paint fell at the mercy of my perfectionistic tendencies. Hence the beautiful, detailed ‘drawing’.  Yes. Wasting time. It happens when you’ve nothing to get up early for.

*When I’m with my younger sibs, I tend to act like a 12 yr old w/ a cursing problem.  This might work if I was stooping down to their ages, but they are 18 and 14.  Ah well…
** My glasses were on top of my head. Stupidstupidstupid…
*** My excuse for not stopping over is that he was obviously at dinner with his family – parents+.  Interrupting the family dinner of someone you’ve never met feels a bit sacrilegious. Even if it is just to say “Hi! I’m Grace. I don’t mean to interrupt. I just wanted to tell you I love your portrayal of Dr. Sweets on Bones.  You really capture the awkwardness of a young adult working in a much older, more professional enviroment.  You’re so talented.  And amazing.  And hot.  Marry me?” Okay, maybe that’s going a bit far…. damn.


Happy BonesDay! + Vacation Story

19 02 2009

Is it sad that I look forward to this day all week long?  Yes.  But fuck it.

I have a great story to tell, but I’m hating long posts….
So I’ll write the other half tomorrow.

Last summer, my very generous family invited me to join them on vacation in Hawaii.  (So long as I cover my own airfare.) I had missed several of their last trips (Montreal & Alaska) due to work and was definitely not gonna miss this one.

Chinaman's Hat island, Oahu

During my blogging hiatus in January, we spent 8 gorgeous days in the sun.  I’ve a million pictures and journal entries from the trip which never should’ve ended.

can you see the resort hiding behind the trees?

taken while horseback riding

mass touristing at the Waimea Canyon

But there is one memory I want to share with all of you.  No.  Not eating Cocoa Puffs before dawn each morning and then watching the sunrise from the beach. Something more awesome. (possible? maybe not.)

I saw John Francis Daley.

continues tomorrow….

Country Animals on College Campuses

7 08 2008

As I am “on lunch” I figured I throw an update on here so I remember to journal later.  Yes, I do use blogger as a way to write my journal entries when I’ve forgotten my journal at home.  Yes, I will copy it word for word tonight.  And yes, I do enjoying doing the same task twice. That’s a talent I’ve acquired via the JOB.

Adventures in the City:  Episode #1
Brought to you by Biking at Night Productions

Last night I saw a skunk. Shocked? I was. But let’s start this story right…

After watching a thrilling episode of So You Think You Can Dance and giving up on trying to call in to vote for Twitch (that would’ve been TV vote #2 ever for those of you who had a sudden *cough*loser*cough* fit), I decided to go for a bike ride. I love going out in the city at night. Nocturnal is much more interesting. The stars are out. There’s a cool breeze off the lakefront. Streets are semi-empty. Drivers are less attentive. A perfect night.

The kid in me always likes to bike over by the university with its dark streets and haunted lighting. As I was riding past, I thought -for the 8millionth time- I really should have visited friends down here more often.  I decided to ride through the campus for the first time. Not sure why I’ve never done that before.

Enjoyed passing the library with its hardcore summer students and cool waterfountain. Stopping outside the music practice room to watch Unknown Hottie reach a beautiful crescendo on the timpani. Resting for a moment while enjoying the view of the courtyard and watching the scurryings of a small animal scavenging for crumbs. It was pretty in the dark despite it’s slightly ratty black & white fur.

Then it hit me. THAT is a skunk. A SKUNK. 15 feet from me. I was frozen for a moment as all my grandpa’s stories of washing the dogs in tomato juice when they got sprayed came to mind. Conflicting thoughts entered the brain: What do I do?! I kinda want to take a picture. Should I leave? If I move, it will notice me. Will it spray me? Could I get a picture without it noticing? Should I move? I should. Ooo It’s meandering away a bit. Should I wait for it to walk away?

It didn’t seem to be paying any attention.  So I whipped out my cell and zoomed in on the little beast who was at the edge of the lit path now. Blurry. Damn. Ok, one more. Oh he’s coming closer. That’s right. Back into the light now. Come on. Little closer.  I closed my cell after getting the shot.  He was still hurrying here and there picking up the bits dropped by students as they had wandered between classes earlier that day.  I’m now satisfied with my mad cellphone photography skillz, but he’s too close now for me to just bike away without attracting attention. 7 ft. 5ft.  OMG HE’S UNDER MY BIKE. As in the bike I’m SITTING ON. He’s nibbling at my shoelaces. Don’t move. Don’t breathe. Don’t breathe.

He meandered away without incident, but I had to stop and breathe (having neglected that while he tested to see if my shoes were edible).  My 1st thought was:  Cool. Woah. 2nd thought:  That would’ve been really embarrassing to admit if I had stuck around that long and he sprayed me. Whew. Thank you jesus. 

Next time on Adventures in the City:  Stoned


19 12 2007

I won!!!  Again!  Crazy lucky huh?  I think so.  Don’t get jealous; Karma will out.

The only magazine I get is Lucky which has a million sweeps and whatnot each month.  It also has a tangent site that people can share shopping loves & lusts, discuss trends and get advice.  I’ll be honest, I’m not nearly that much of a shopping whore, but I like to stop by the site from time to time to see if there’s anything good.  A few weeks back I wrote a creative piece for one of their contests and my entry was one of 3 chosen!  Hell yea.  I knew I picked a good career.  Anyway… so I just got the envelope in the mail… and I’m officially $500 richer!  The holidays can’t get me down now!

Ok, you can feel a little jealous right now.

That’s enough.

Well I know I promised an update on the Roomie & NotBoyfriend (NB) situation but I’m a bit bogged down with work and holiday stuff at the moment.  Maybe I’ll have a chance tonight.

in the meantime….
This comedy writer will leave you giggling in your cubicle wondering how the fuck you didn’t find her sooner (like me!) She a hollywood writer… yea currently participating in the strike.  Things I’ve Bought that I Love adoringly details some of her best style finds. Her words sound like my inner voice as I debate over those Dolce Vita gray boots or that Marc New York coat. Have a taste:
“This winter and spring I wore all sorts of amazing frocks… Airy patterned dresses with a cool shapeless shape that girls loved and guys were like ‘Why the fuck are you wearing that pillowcase?’”