Best Job in the World

27 02 2009

One of my friends is in the running for the famous Best Job in the World and put the best interview video ever up.  Check it out below.  Queensland Tourism is currently working on the shortlisting of candidates.  You can still rate the video on the website here. Cross your fingers please!  Shawn is one of the coolest, most amazing people I know and totally deserves it.

His blog Digitizing Life talks all about his recent months in London and now being back Stateside.  Check it out.

How to tell if you’re drinking too much diet coke again:
Still up reading blogs at 4am?  Then yes. You need to cut back.



24 03 2008

The Vegas in T-18 Days.
I can’t wait!  I’m meeting up with all the girls from my time spent in London.  It is so difficult to believe that I haven’t seen at least half of them in 2 full years.  Wow. 

On this day 2 years ago…. I would’ve been working in Twickenham, commuting back to S.Ken, stopping at Sainsburys for a bottle of store brand vodka and some Diet Coke, throwing on a short skirt & heels and taking pulls from the delicious mix on the tube with the girl friends.  Then stumbling into the nearest ONeills or Walkabout and dancing my ass off.

Look out Vegas!  Here we come!  With 3 nights, 3 days planned… we’re gonna be spending lots of mornings in recovery and nights on the town.  I can’t even recount half the ridiculousness that is our group.  There was….

  • The morning I laid out at the local A&E (not shopping like my roommate thought – it’s Accident & Emergency) to get a doctor to cut a shard of glass out of my foot.  Drunken me walked home barefoot the night previous.  Brillant
  • Getting left at the bars by your swasted friends
  • The AZ girlies sneaking some guys home with us – past the horribly observant mid-eastern front desk people.  When they got kicked outa their room, they all slept on the floor of ours.
  • Making my roommate get off the bus… and walk three miles to our place – because I had decided we were most definitely past our bus stop
  • Being mistaken for a hooker in my short skirt & trench  – by the cops
  • Going home with a friend and a random in Putney – and playing his version of PS2 & MarioKart til all hours while drinking his wine and refusing his advances
  • Tripping out the door of O’Neills …over & over & over
  • Walk of Shame – not mine, but witnessing it…
  • And finally, the mornings of “how did I get home?” over Starbucks and laughing at the pictures we captured the night before

Anyways, Vegas is gonna rock!

Ps – Psyched for the NewYorkNewYork ROLLERCOASTER!

Rugby & the Single Girl: Part 1

7 11 2007

NikeIt sounds silly I know, but for a while there I was having a difficult time coming to terms with being “alone.”  Normally that’s something you hear from a recently single girl, not someone who is perpetually single. 

Fact of the matter is, being single didn’t really bother me until college.  Even then it wasn’t as much of a big deal as it was a personal standing joke. Sure I’d have liked someone to cuddle with from time to time.  It’d would’ve been nice to have someone to makeout with whenever I wanted (as opposed to embarrassing myself with a random in front of the whole bar).  But as nice as it would be to have the benefits of a boyfriend… I honestly didn’t have the time or energy to devote to one.  Not having one didn’t really bring me down because I knew I had options out there if I ever chose to look into the matter. No one really caught my eye.

As college came to an end I began to take a serious look at my life and my future.  Everyone does that. It’s scary. You can’t help but look back and wish you had done more. I realized in my 3short years, while I’d had my share of dates… I had not had a single boyfriend.  Living with 4 other girls – all in 2-3yrs serious relationships – I started to panic.  How had I let this happen?? How had I gone through all my youth without experiencing a serious relationship?  Did this put me years behind everyone else out there in the dating world???

I dwelled on that for the last ….um…. I hate to admit it but yes, the last 5 months.  Summer gets a little depressing when all you do is berate yourself for the drunk makeouts and not dating.  My thoughts were similar to Cally’s:

I am one of those people who will not be late for work because her door is wedged by too many cards thanks to Saint Valentine. I am the one in the office who pretends to throw up when someone receives flowers at work (guys this is so simple and effective!). In fact, I am the girl who will attend her Tuesday night training session as if February 14th means nothing. I mean singledom is a word not a sentence. It is a choice not a punishment, right? WRONG!!! With a week to go, I feel like the losing team at half time. I feel like my match stats don’t favour my chance of winning, I am the underdog. I feel like I have made more tackles than passes, more knock ons than turnovers! However, in this game you play to the whistle and the final whistle hasn’t gone yet; there is still hope, and hope and glory are what the rose on the shirt stand for! It isn’t over ’til the fat lady sings; let’s not go there actually! 

A few days ago, all that changed. I was reading through a few old newspapers my dad had given me from his last trip to London.  This article stood out:  French Rugby Hunks Score with Women.  I’ll admit the picture of Rémy Martin is what initially caught my eye, but it got me thinking.  I started reading around online – various rugby articles, journals and blogs – while I missed my old job of working for the Quins.  I loved watching the practices and an occasional game or two… Such a manly game.  Brutal but you couldnt take your eyes off them. 

Among the men, star billing must go to Frédéric Michalak of France, who is to rugby what Thierry Henry is to football. Michalak, 25, has modelled for Christian Lacroix and has his own clothes brand. Dan Carter, the All Black fly-half, has a modelling contract with underwear brand Jockey. Brian O’Driscoll, voted Ireland’s sexiest man in 2004, the Argentine centre Felipe Contepomi and England’s own Josh Lewsey are among the bigger earners.  (via At the final, the ecstasy. In the end, the agony)

I miss London a lot.  I miss the culture, the people, the streets, the public transport… I miss the sports – both rugby & football (not cricket).  That’s when I realized, I’m far more likely to get attached in London.  Firstly, I’ve got the American thing going for me – many people are immediately intrigued by anyone but their own countrymen/women.  Secondly, I feel much more at home and confident overseas.  No one I know from grade/high school or college is gonna run into me and remind me of my years as a bookworm & nerd.  Thirdly, I get bored so very easily. I can be very fickle when it comes to guys.  They never seem to hold my interest for very long (unless they seem uninterested in me).  English/Irish/Aussie guys… I think I could be content for a while.

So yea. Anyway, the epiphany is – I’m gonna meet someone when I move back to London. So why worry now? 

Missing Londontown

9 12 2006

I suppose I should be sleeping or studying for my exams. However, reading Girl Dates London and I Said, You Look Like a Frog is far more interesting. I suppose I could stay up really late and see if anything creative shows up on PostSecret, but I am getting a bit tired. Afraid I’ve gotten a bit of a cold. 😥 Anyway… back to slacking off…

So I ran across this post by LondonGirl ages ago and finally remembered to link to it. COMPLETELY AGREE!!! What is it with men these days??? To be honest, I do know guys who are completely capable of being manly men yet sensitive* enough not to be a complete ass. However, having mastered this, they are all off the market! This is so incredibly frustrating.

Even more frustrating though is the fact that many of these same guys I have known for years… Just a year or two ago they were all considered “cute but undatable” by every girl alive because of their immaturity. And who is the only one not in a relationship? me. sad. Of these amazing friends of mine, 3/6 girls and 6/9 guys are all in relationships! This is crazy! Or not so crazy. Just a bit depressing.

I don’t live in a big city and do attend a smaller college so the dating pool is significantly smaller than I would prefer. Quite a few of the students here on campus went to my high school as well. Random pulls not allowed. It’s funny how fast word travels around the campus. You can makeout with one random guy on friday and by saturday night your English prof knows all the gory details. I supposed that’s why we American girls go a bit nuts when we study aboard and pull several Irish/English/Aussie guys the moment we set foot on foreign soil. You can get away with it overseas – in big cities of course. It isn’t even a big deal if you pash a French one night and run into him the next while pashing an Aussie. Oh londontown… How I miss thee.

1:30am – Back to studying for Business Law.

*I am in the market for a guy who can cook… as I fail miserably at the stove…


29 09 2006

Have you ever felt homesick for a place you don’t belong to? It’s been almost 5 months since I returned to the states, but I still think of London as home. Crazy. I was afraid before I left for the city that I might get there and find it had none of the charm I had assigned to it in all my dreams and fantasies. Instead, it has more magic than I could have ever imagined. Walk the city at night. Alone. It is’t as scary as you might think so long as you stay to more popular streets. My last night there was the first I ever noticed that from the steps in Trafalgar Square you can actually see Big Ben. God I miss it.

St. Patrick’s in Dublin

21 03 2006

Dublin was also a stop my family made last Christmas before our final destination (Killarney, IRE). So I’m pretty familar the area. I made sure we stopped at Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and by the Molly Malone statue etc… We had a blast playing tourists. We spent the first night roaming around the Temple Bar and actually ending up at a place called The Temple Bar listening to live music and drinking Guinness. My friend kept getting hit on by men as old as our dads… creepy! But eventually we met some (sadly, americans) students there and talked to them. Pretty sure this random Mike and I would’ve hit it off a bit better if it wasn’t such a family atmosphere. lol. like those two men!!! Oh!!! so right up by the musicians, who are playing all my favorite irish traditional drinking songs, which i knew all the words too… anyway, up by them are these two old men (prolly into their late 80s) sitting and enjoying their music and Guinness… they were ADORABLE!!! It was like 1am and they were still sitting there singing along and toasting each other!

The following night was St Pat’s and my friend and I wandered (again) thru the Temple Bar but this time we had two of her friends from university back in the states with us. They were studying just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland for the semester. The parade that day was weird so we just hung out and drank Guinness. I’ve always loved the beer but I am more of a vodka person than beer so one will keep me for ages… hence why i was sober all of St Pat’s day. It was still tons of fun tho. We watched a bartender leap over a bar, put a guy in a headlock and drag him outside. We had the funniest cab driver give us a play-by-play on a barfight that was happening just in the street in front of our cab… everything! it was awesome!

My friend got herself an honorary star (or two) on our makeout map. *wink*

Spring Breakers Visit

21 03 2006

One of my friends from high school and I had made plans to fly to Dublin for St. Pat’s this year… before I up and decided to study abroad in London. So plans got tweaked and she flew over on the 11th and stayed with TZ and at a hostel I booked in London. We spent almost a week just seeing the sights in Londontown and then roomie’s best guy friend from home came to see her too!So roomie and I took my friend out on the town that first night. Start London off with a drink is our motto! It was student nite at the Walkabout off Leicester Square. We almost always go there despite class/work the next day. It is always an amazing time! Immediately my friend met a guy there she absolutely fell in love with! She thought he was so genuine and sweet. While I spent the night makingout with random boys, my friend ended up going out around London with this guy she fell for. They spent up into the early morning looking at the stars and talking. How sweet! It was cool to talk to her all about it. The next day we went to Covent Garden and walked around. We went to Sports Cafe because two of the schools represented by us here were playing each other during March Madness and Sports Café is the only place that you can see American games. Bear came with roomie and was really rude by not talking to anyone but roomie… weird.

For the weekend, roomie and I took our friends all around for touristing, something I really havent done any of. We had a great time just wandering about. We all did the London Eye, which I did the year before when I was in London with my family over Christmas. It was fun all the same and then we took them to Wagamamas – best food EVER!!!! We did Tower of London on Sunday but then… the week + class + work started. Roomie and I hadclass on Monday. So our visitors went to see Buckingham palace and the changing of the guards. They had a good time and we all met up for dinner, and then went out to Angel and met up with TZ.

Tuesday thru Thursday I alway have my internship so my friend had to fend for herself during the day, but we still got together for evenings – saw Phantom of the Opera in the West End!!! It now TOPS my list of favorite musicials! It bumped Les Misérables and Wicked down a notch each! Then Wednesday we went to Walkabout again – but left early because my friend and I had to catch an early flight to Dublin the next day.