Best Job in the World

27 02 2009

One of my friends is in the running for the famous Best Job in the World and put the best interview video ever up.  Check it out below.  Queensland Tourism is currently working on the shortlisting of candidates.  You can still rate the video on the website here. Cross your fingers please!  Shawn is one of the coolest, most amazing people I know and totally deserves it.

His blog Digitizing Life talks all about his recent months in London and now being back Stateside.  Check it out.

How to tell if you’re drinking too much diet coke again:
Still up reading blogs at 4am?  Then yes. You need to cut back.


A Danger to Self & Others

7 10 2008

At Ben’s request, here is me at my alcoholic worst.  It was a struggle to chose just one when the options are so plentiful:

  • Getting mistaken for a prostitute by cops in London. 
  • “Breaking it in” party – where we actually broke in the door. Serious. We shattered the doorframe.
  • Last Halloween’s wastoid face plant outside the capitol building that ripped my shirt  – completely exposing my rack (much less attractive when the girl’s face is bleeding & she remains completely unaware).
  • Reader beware: if you are male, you might hate me after reading this.


    A little introduction:
    The summer after studying/working in London I tried (and failed) to maintain my tolerance.  In London, we partied nonstop, and 5 straight shots of vodka was considered pre-game.  Being home meant ZERO alcohol as I was only 20 & living with my strict parents.  Unfortunately, I figured my tolerance would remain the same despite the 2months sans alcohol. (ah to be young & stupid!)

    Mr. Opportunity studied London same the semester. We were no more than poker buddies with a common high school.  When we went abroad, we realized we had tons in common and met up in central on several occasions.  Lots in common – but no spark.  When we returned stateside, he showed interest (which I encouraged until I met Indie).  By the time of this story, I had told him twice already that I only wanted to be friends.


    Music Festival Mishaps
    My cousin (aka former Roomie) invited me down to the city for a weekend during the huge two week long music festival.  Our game plan was to drink-til-drunk at the boyfriend’s and then walk to the festival grounds to catch some band or other.  CL & Mr.Opportunity joined us.

    7:00 – Vodka mixed drinks & vodka shots – heavy on the vodka. I was determined to show off my rockin tolerance.  Sure enough, I could still drink vodka like water.  Rum & gin were introduced to the night.  I remained seated for the majority of this time – excepting a few dance offs to Africa by Toto.   Mr.Opportunity used his position seated next to me to continually try to put his arm around me.  I’d swat it away every time.

    Drink count: NINE

    9:30 – We downed our last drinks before heading to the festival.  We are all wasted, but I’m the worst. My last full memory is of nearly falling as I stood up & grabbed my purse.  From here on out the story is what I’ve been told by CL, Roomie, & Mr. Opportunity. 

    Mr.O takes charge of walking me to the festival grounds.  As we walk & talk, he keeps putting his arm around me and trying to kiss me.  I have a fleeting memory of standing in the middle of the sidewalk makeing out with him then pushing him away and telling him off for kissing me.  This happened all night. He’d kiss me – I’d go along with it – Push him away – Get angry & Tell him off – He’d kiss me again… and on and on.

    10:00 – The gate to the grounds is in sight. It suddenly occurs to me that my purse is no longer on my shoulder.  It’s GONE. I yell to alert group to this disaster, take off my flipflops & bolt in the opposite direction.

    10-11:00 – Spent chasing around the edge of the grounds trying to find the woman who had found my purse and brought it to the police setup.  CL & Mr.O were holding me up.  Roomie & her boyfriend were in ExtremeFightMode.

    11:30 – Get purse back. It still has my Coach wallet, credit cards, social security card, digital camera, & cell phone.  Missing:  $50 cash.

    Roomie chases her boyfriend home where they scream & chuck shoes at each other before having sex & passing out.

    CL & Mr. O attempt to get a cab.  This whole time I am still in the cyclical Makeout/TellOff/Makeout/TellOff.  (encourage/discourage? crazy much?)

    Midnight – Cab arrives.  As we drive to Mr. O’s apt, I proceed to tell him off again for touching/kissing/bothering me.  To express my anger, I punch him in the junk. 

    Yes. You can hate me now.

    12:20 – There’s a party happening at Mr.O’s place.  I spend time in the bathroom puking my guts out while CL tells me nice things. She helps me brush my teeth, and we go back out to the party.

    2:00ish – Three of us crash in Mr.O’s room.  He & I are sharing his air mattress (classy) and CL curls up on the floor in a corner.   The corner complains “omg. Will you two STOP making out and GO TO SLEEP” several times.  We dont.*  She doesn’t leave the room.

    ??? – I tell Mr.O that I want to have sex but with a boyfriend.  I tell him I want a boyfriend.  He asks if I like him.  I say No.**

    Morning – Corner says “omg. You two would NOT stop making out last night. Not cool.”  I say “Where’s my skirt?”

    Don’t be a Jonze


    *OMG. OMG. Who the fuck makes out with a girl with no memory who has just spent the last hour throwing up???? AND punches them in the junk? disgusting.
    ** Somehow this was interpreted as I wanted him to be my boyfriend… not sure how.

    Confessions in Nerdiness

    19 09 2008

    Let’s just put my nerd points all out there right now? k?

    Starting with:  I crush on geeks.  I know!!! *shudder* What is wrong with me?  But for the record:  My crushes can not only replace my graphics card, but also fix a flat tire & change my oil.  Oh and cook.  They love cooking.  And hate Macs.


    I have never been a Gray’s Anatomy fan.  There is just something about your GA obsessed roommates’ behaviors of “OMG SHHHHHHHHHH SHUT UP GRAYS IS ON” that kinda is a turn off.  I get the basics of it. They’re doctors who screw around with each other a lot.  You know, like they do in RL. 

    …or not.

    So flipping the channels last night before an invigorating stint of Rock Band 2, I stopped randomly at the SexyDoctorDramaShow when I heard the words “like Hans Solo”            say wha?          Apparently, Boy lays in Cement and compares self to Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.  I giggle. Ooo! A stereotypical ‘nerd line’.  It’s funny when writers toss lines in here & there to say obviously this is a Geek.  But I stop laughing when ShortBossyDoctor goes off on him explaining an almost full history of Hans Solo.  I don’t remember why she did.  But  WOW.  Rock on.   I love me unstereotypical nerds. 


    I was late arriving for Rock Band last night – delayed by “yay I just set up my desktop. Maybe I should turn it on just to check for updates.  Ooo Warcraft icon. I haven’t played that in aaaaggggeeesssss. (3wks. what? i just moved!) Maybe just a few minutes would be ok……….. omg. I was supposed to be there an hour ago!!!”


    I coded in HTML for fun when I was bored in class or procrastinating in the dorms.  I taught myself java. I adore photoshop.  I miss math.  (But I chose Marketing? weirdo)


    And since I know CL will comment otherwise comment on it:  We were discussing why I play Warcraft III but not World of Warcraft.  “I just prefer strategy to role play types.”   Makes sense right? I still don’t see why it’s so funny. Stop laughing. *pout*


    And finally, Batman.  A few of my guy friends and I were discussing the awesomness of The Dark Knight over beers.  “Gah I love that movie. You know what’s so sexy?”  N hazards a guess (“Batman’s weird voice?”) at the same time as I say “When the batpod breaks out of the crashed batmobile.” *sigh* Gets me every time. Watch it again. You’ll agree. It’s H-O-T


    Alright. There. It’s all out there now.  I feel better now. 

    Am I alone in this geekdom?

    In the Meantime: A RAISE

    21 08 2008

    There are a million things I wish I had tried as a kid but never did because I didn’t want to start 1-2 yrs behind everyone else. For my All or Nothing personality, that meant never catching up.

    The logic was: If, for example, I started playing guitar when I first wanted to at age 16 then, even as I progressed through the years, I would always remain 6 years behind my peers. Yes. Logical to the point of Illogical. It was my nature.  But not anymore.

    I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m trying something new (and making an ass outa myself). I can’t wait to spill! It’s sooo COOL.  

    In the meantime:

    • GOT ANOTHER RAISE!!!   thank you thank you thank you
    • love my family who came to visit for irishfesting this past wkend
    • got a bed (hallelujah!)

    In other news, I’m removing negativity from my life.  I’ve always been very compromising (business-like personality) and trying to find the best for everyone.  Unfortunately, that has led some to consider me a pushover, which I am not.  I’m loyal & forgiving. Usually. 

    In the past, I’ve just let things slide because it wasn’t a big enough deal to get into a tizzy about it.  BUT I’ve been pushed too far, too many times.  This is it.  I don’t give a flying fuck.  Rock on me. 

    So… be nice, be positive, be willing to make the effort, or get the fuck out.


    ugh. boss calling…

    NBf2.0 visits

    29 04 2008

    Last night I horded chocolate. This morning I was short with roomie. Getting any clues?

    Stuck it through in the living room just long enough for gossipgirl last night. Then I finished devouring David Baldacci’s Hour Game while hiding out in my room. Funny trend I’m noticing… roomie & her ‘not boyfriend’ (photoboy aka NBf2.0) are all makemevomit cuddly cute when I’m present but seem to jump apart when I leave – it’s like they are afraid to be alone together for too long because they might run out of things to say. 

    He is staying through at least thursday. 5 days. Originally it was gonna be 8. 8! As in, didn’t the last NBf stay for 8 days which was the spoken cause of their falling apart??? ppppppplease let them fall apart.  Or move out. I have nothing against couples. Just against them.

    <rant>No offense, but I decided I didnt like him much on day one. He very strangely brought up the fact that a few years back he was driving and hit a kid who was biking. HoldUpSayWHA?! Um, Excuse me, but I was hit while riding my bike home from work one summer.  Now granted I was hit by 40 something lady in a minivan, but at least she stopped and kinda came to check on me after sending me & my bike flying into traffic on a busy road. Ok, so she too drove away, but at least she kinda stopped to make sure I wasnt dead. Thank god I wore my helmet.  Yes, people make mistakes.  Ok photoboy, but YOU HIT A KID. Yes, you glanced back to see that they got up alright but you (1) didnt stop (2) tell the story like it’s an slightly embarrassing/somewhat funny tale to someone you just met. </rant>

    Anyway, I thought I had a purpose at some pt. Oh, well I stayed up late last night (they giggle and flirt loudly from the other bedroom) and wrote a rather scathing journal entry on pride, jealousy, talent & giving credit where credit is due.  lol. Interesting to me.  May or may not post. It is quite smug sounding. Hope you’re all having a wonderful wk!

    I’m baaaack!

    25 04 2008

    Well, actually my last post was my first back from the break… but…

    Alright, I’ve been shit about posting. And doubly shit about reading. Sorry kids. I’ll make a dent in my 963 unread posts in my reader asap. I have popped by your pages from time to time but really need to get back in the swing.

    I don’t know why I took a hiatus. Just wasn’t feeling it I guess.


    Guess who’s pulling a 10th grade “sick day” and leaving work early due to “just feeling horrible”! ME!!! And guess what is actually going on. I’M ROADTRIPPING!!! One of my friends called last night to invite me to a concert in IL (4hr drive) and I did say no – being all responsible and shite. However, then I was listening to MrMraz and realized I didnt truely feel the last of his concerts due to my intense level of inhiberation. (plus that was all GeekInThePink 2ish years ago). So I called him back after Favre’s Letterman appearance to say “screw work. let’s go!”

    Hells yes. This is SWEET.

    • Concert tonight plus seeing old friends!!!
    • Baseball game tomorrow! With SCE btw. haha. oh my. the stories. I’ll report on that later. In the meantime, we is hittin’ up a game! I’d like to say I’m hating on all those who said “yea def. that’d be cool” and then backed out when it came tix buying time but… I’ll be honest, we have a ton of fun together. Who cares if people *cough*roomie*cough* suddenly can’t come along because their notboyfriendofthemoment hates sports. Who hates sports?? wtf kids. wtf.

    Friday, I eagerly awaited the call from friends to say they were on their way. Unfortunatly one had made plans to babysit when she thought the concert was gonna pan out. By 1:30pm it was a no-go. Sadness.

    However, I decided to have a fantastic day anyways. Why not? PTO, beautiful weather (aka tornado watch), time away from the roomie (who went to visit the not boyfriend of the moment.) And I DID.

    Saturday part of the family came to town for a feis (Irish step dancing competition – my little sister’s) and we hung out for a good part of the day. By noon I still hadn’t heard from SCE on the tix for the baseball game so I txtd. At 3:30 I called. voicemail. I hope his uncle (in the hospital) didnt take a turn for the worse or that he didnt get into an accident on his motorcycle (do you see where my mind goes?) and that the real reason is that he just forgot or decided he didnt feel like it. Insulting to me, yes but better than an injury report.

    Still, it was a great wkend. I had the apt to myself until last night *gag* and am feeling refreshed for a tough wk at the office.

    Hope the rest of you had wonderful wkends!

    Things I’ve left behind…

    24 04 2008

    You name it, I’ve left it somewhere. From pillows to pills, camera chargers to keys, I have dropped, forgotten or misplaced just about one of everything. Unless we’re counting my keys – cause I lose those prolly ever 4-6months. However, there are some main things I’ve discarded whether accidentally or on purpose that at least I find slightly hilarious.

    Things I’ve left behind…

    • Back in the college days, I was visiting roomie & somehow allowed my purse (complete with wallet, $$$, soci card, credit cards, camera & cell) to fall off my arm as we walked to the music festival. I realized it just before we entered the fest, took my flipflops in hand and booked it in the opposite direction with only a “oh my god my purse!” to tell anyone where I was going. Actually, the realization and running are all I remember since I blacked out early. I don’t remember even leaving for the festival or making out with Mr.Opportunity or punching him in the balls for making out with me.
    • New Years 2008 – keys
    • Just recently in Vegas, I wore a low cut bra I had picked up on clearance at Vicki’s. It wasn’t the best quality and was a little old, but it was the only bra I had to work with that sexy LBD that V’ed down to ‘there’. 2 hours into the party at Hugh Hefner’s Sky Villa (for serial!) the front snapped. The FRONT. I wore it… undone… for a few uncomfortable hours. At 4am I gave up and threw it into Hugh’s trash and went without for the rest of the night.
    • Last weekend – keys
    • Last summer roomie & I celebrated our apt with our first party. LittleMissDrunky aka me didn’t join the rest of the group at the bars. I had to be walked back home by Indie because I hadn’t remembered my purse, cell, $ or DRIVER’S LICENSE. Dumbass. I don’t remember any of this but since I forgot my keys too (as did roomie) Indie had to kick the door open – splintering the doorframe. Rock the fuck on.

    and finally…

    • In London I woke up one morning thinking “GAH. I peed in an empty street between 2 cars last night. I can’t believe I did that. … OMG I took off my socks and left them there. Why on earth? … wait… I was wearing heels…. wait, where’s my underwear?”

    Good times, good times. So kids, forgotten anything? Got a good story?