Vacation Story: Celebsighting (contd.)

27 02 2009

This is continued from the previous vacation post found here.

One of the few nights my Dad didn’t have a business dinner to attend, we went out for dinner in Poipu.  The restaurant Keoki’s was a laidback seafood place with a split level.  My family sat on the lower level right next to the stairs.  Being the kid-at-heart that I am (f*ing immature), I started up a rousing game of hangman w/ my younger siblings.*  This behavior continued through dinner despite my hot guy radar going off mid-meal when another family sat down nearby.

“Yes! Hot guy at 2 0’clock! Gosh, from side profile, he kinda looks a bit like John Daley from Bones.  Damn fuzzyness. Why didn’t I wear my glasses?”**

However, I couldn’t see clearly enough to think much of it.  I made notes in my mind of the few times Mr GoodLooking glanced at our table but continued giggle, chatter, and tease my sibs & parents.

When we got up to leave, we walked up the steps to the main level (located right by his table).  As I reached the top stair, he turned and looked right at me.  Now, just 3 feet away, I had no difficulty recognizing one of my favorite actors.  John Daley, the once adorable freshman in Freaks and Geeks and current genius psychiatrist on Bones, was sitting RIGHT THERE.  I barely stumbled away intact.

Was it obvious? Was STARSTRUCK written all over my forehead? Did he see it, or did I walk alway in time?

For the next hour of my life, the only words that made it past my lips were “Dude!” and “Oh my God!” As a relatively articulate adult (almost 23!!!) it was not one of my proudest hours I’ll admit.

For those of you going “John Daley…. Was he in… no… wait…”

John Daley as Sam Weir in Freaks and Geeks (2nd from left)

John Daley as Sam Weir in Freaks and Geeks (2nd from left)

John Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones

John Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones

I’m sure many of you have run across a celebrity at some point in your life.  The question is “do you approach them?”  I’ve always tried to stay away – respecting that they probably want to go out in public without being fawned on all the time.  Yet, part of me wishes I had said something.***

Anyone?  If you’ve run into a celebrity: actor, actress, musician, politician, athlete, author, whateverfloatsyourboat- how did you react?


What was supposed to be a crude sketch-up in Paint fell at the mercy of my perfectionistic tendencies. Hence the beautiful, detailed ‘drawing’.  Yes. Wasting time. It happens when you’ve nothing to get up early for.

*When I’m with my younger sibs, I tend to act like a 12 yr old w/ a cursing problem.  This might work if I was stooping down to their ages, but they are 18 and 14.  Ah well…
** My glasses were on top of my head. Stupidstupidstupid…
*** My excuse for not stopping over is that he was obviously at dinner with his family – parents+.  Interrupting the family dinner of someone you’ve never met feels a bit sacrilegious. Even if it is just to say “Hi! I’m Grace. I don’t mean to interrupt. I just wanted to tell you I love your portrayal of Dr. Sweets on Bones.  You really capture the awkwardness of a young adult working in a much older, more professional enviroment.  You’re so talented.  And amazing.  And hot.  Marry me?” Okay, maybe that’s going a bit far…. damn.


Happy BonesDay! + Vacation Story

19 02 2009

Is it sad that I look forward to this day all week long?  Yes.  But fuck it.

I have a great story to tell, but I’m hating long posts….
So I’ll write the other half tomorrow.

Last summer, my very generous family invited me to join them on vacation in Hawaii.  (So long as I cover my own airfare.) I had missed several of their last trips (Montreal & Alaska) due to work and was definitely not gonna miss this one.

Chinaman's Hat island, Oahu

During my blogging hiatus in January, we spent 8 gorgeous days in the sun.  I’ve a million pictures and journal entries from the trip which never should’ve ended.

can you see the resort hiding behind the trees?

taken while horseback riding

mass touristing at the Waimea Canyon

But there is one memory I want to share with all of you.  No.  Not eating Cocoa Puffs before dawn each morning and then watching the sunrise from the beach. Something more awesome. (possible? maybe not.)

I saw John Francis Daley.

continues tomorrow….

Freshman Creepster

18 02 2009

Just days ago, my little brother (age: 14, height: TALL) texted me.  He wanted to share with me his excitment about being asked to the Sweetheart Switch Dance.  It’s the Valentines Dance – Sadie Hawkins style. 

I got the dets:
She was just a friend. She asked him over Facestalk’s chat. She was cute. He was happy.

Yay, right?

Well, I just found out yesterday that he cancelled on her. WHAT?? I would’ve killed my date if he had done that. Then again, we were voted cutest couple… 🙂 Digging around for the reason why (were his friends teasing him? did he have other commitments? was he hoping someone else would ask ~murderous eyes~)

Turns out:  She was telling everyone they were dating.  Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Tried to go “in a relationship” Facestalk style.  Hmmm. Maybe he did/said something that made her think they had started going out?  Nope. He agreed to go to the dance. Thats it.  He cancelled when he asked if they could just go as friends and she said no, they were in a relationship. 

Kinda creepy.  forcing a relationship? epic weird. poor robster.


Anyone else had something similar happen to them?

Building up the Xmas List

29 11 2008

Back in the day, December meant fighting over the Sunday Fleet Farm and Toy R US flyers to cut out pictures of the toys we were desperate to own.  Nowadays, I find myself scrolling down websites for reviews on the games, books, and music that somehow slipped past my radar.  My favorite part of this task is reading the reviews for games.

After 10 years of begging for video games, my mother finally rescinded her statement that “Video games are for boys, sweetie.”  and bought me a Nintendo DS last christmas.  It was even red & black* just like I asked. 

Now as Thanksgiving is over, I get to skim site after site to discover the pros and cons of various DS games.  For every normal comment “Pro:  Outstanding classic platforming action,” there are awesome counterpoints like “Con:  Fruits-y protagonist.”  rofl.  Number 1 on my list this year:  LEGO Indiana Jones:  The Original Adventures whose major con is “No lightsaber action”  and maybe Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass because I lost mine the in move and never got to finish it. (I was soo close!)

Do I sound 12?  Yes! Awesome!


* Purple and I have a history. My parents were wonderful about buying just the right gift each year… but they always managed to find it in purple.  No fail.  Walkman, pjs, boombox, headphones, lava lamp… even a hair dryer!  Every year I explicitedly stated my vehement (and irrational) hatred of the color purple.  And every year they bought THE gift in purple.  *sigh*  Thank god I got over that.

Shhh! I’m working! (or Why I Hate TWC)

16 09 2008

Okay, so I was. For the record, I only ONLY dick off at work after an instance of The Stupids.*

X       X       X

Well, it’s been 2 full wks living (officially) on my own.  I love my building, my apartment, my roommate (Chris the Fish)… It’s perfect. 

Currently, I’m working to pretty the place up a bit. I’ll try to post before/after shots as soon as I can. A slight techonological malfunction (camera stopped turning on… but WHY?!?!?!) has delayed that post. 

X       X       X

As of my Move-In date, the ex-aptdwellers had not yet cut off there cable or internet service so I couldn’t set mine up to work.  Time Warner Cable & I scheduled a date for 2 between 7-9am Saturday. It was the nearest date they were available. I was “first on the list.”  Excellent, I thought.  I will have plenty of time for errands, painting, workout, & chilling at the park.  I got up extra early (6:30) to get pretty (shower + search for sweatpants) for TWC’s arrival. 

7am – Saturday Morning Cartoons
8am – huh. They changed the order of my favorite cartoons
8:30am – TWC calls. Their man just left the shop in a land farfaraway. He’ll arrive at 9:20
9am – I should prolly disconnect my tv from the cable or they’ll realize they forgot to shut it off. I’ve been watching it illegally. Muhahahaha. yea. that’s about as evil as I get.
9:20 – …
9:40 – I call TWC. Where for art my Romeo? Ahh. You don’t know either. oookay. Right. Oh okay, you’ll call me back after you’ve reached him.
10am – TWC calls. He isn’t answering his phone. He might have been in an accident or something. Suresure. Make me feel guilty for being pissed. I’ll try to reach him again. If we can’t reach him, I’ll send someone else out. I’ll call you back in a bit to let you know. Oooo this is looking like Resolution 101! yay!
10:30 – … way to call back asshat.
11am – I call TWC and wait on hold for 27 minutes.
11:27 – TWC buzzes my apt.  Apparently the “last guy [he] was with” was “talking too much”? I’m afraid his accent was so thick I couldn’t understand.  But if that’s true, who talks so much they delay the TWC guy by over 2 hrs?
12pm – TWC tells me there must be something wrong with my computer (false!) because he cant get online. He attempts his personal laptop which doesn’t get online either. He tells me it is reallyreallyreally slow. Really? Because 10minutes to wait for the internet to load sounds like another kind of problem…
12:30 – TWC leaves saying “internet works. your laptop doesn’t.”   Indeed. I have no internet.

And now, no free cable either.

X       X       X

That afternoon I finished painting my bedrm, packed my bags and drove home to see my family. It was a wonderful mini vacation from my apartment & the city. I got to throw pebbles into the pond w/ my niece, talk politics with my sisters & parents, tease my brother about high school, girls, & video games, and build a bookshelf with my dad. (you can’t comprehend it’s awesome-ness) My laptop was deemed perfect & internet friendly. My cell got a new battery. Life is beautiful.

I needed that pick-me-up in order to face this week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write a beautiful letter to TWC CEO about his fucked-up crap-tastic excuse of a company.

The End

* My Boss + Her Boss = Why ask a question if you aren’t going to listen to the answer? Don’t you dare ask me to do something and then demand a result completely different than what you asked for.

In the Meantime: A RAISE

21 08 2008

There are a million things I wish I had tried as a kid but never did because I didn’t want to start 1-2 yrs behind everyone else. For my All or Nothing personality, that meant never catching up.

The logic was: If, for example, I started playing guitar when I first wanted to at age 16 then, even as I progressed through the years, I would always remain 6 years behind my peers. Yes. Logical to the point of Illogical. It was my nature.  But not anymore.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m trying something new (and making an ass outa myself). I can’t wait to spill! It’s sooo COOL.  

In the meantime:

  • GOT ANOTHER RAISE!!!   thank you thank you thank you
  • love my family who came to visit for irishfesting this past wkend
  • got a bed (hallelujah!)

In other news, I’m removing negativity from my life.  I’ve always been very compromising (business-like personality) and trying to find the best for everyone.  Unfortunately, that has led some to consider me a pushover, which I am not.  I’m loyal & forgiving. Usually. 

In the past, I’ve just let things slide because it wasn’t a big enough deal to get into a tizzy about it.  BUT I’ve been pushed too far, too many times.  This is it.  I don’t give a flying fuck.  Rock on me. 

So… be nice, be positive, be willing to make the effort, or get the fuck out.


ugh. boss calling…

Career Future?

20 03 2008

Most days I hate my job. No, hate is a strong word. I dislike my job; I hate my boss.  However, the company I work for is phenomenal.

    • Family owned – that’s what I grew up with.
    • Large with medium sized branch offices
    • Quarterly mtgs – all the ee’s attend and hear the confidential stuff most Co’s don’t tell you 
    • Profit sharing – semiannual incentive checks

So I just got my big ol fatty incentive check! That’s a new purse, new dress, & all of Vegas! Fuck yes! Plus I got a raise within 6months of starting here.

All in all, great company. Seriously. But I hate where I am in it. Other than the fact that it is boring as hell, there is nowhere to move here unless I transfer to another branch. I am the marketing dept of this branch. I know I could always see about a transfer into the HQ, but that’s back near the homecity. Am I really ready to go back there yet? No. I just got here.


And the real question: Do I ever want to go back home and work at the family company? It’s my dad’s dream to have at least one of his kids continue the tradition, and we always figured it’d be me. I could bring in a lot of the things I see here that really makes the employees work hard bc the companies are very similar in structure & culture – just not industry. It’s an amazing company and doing wonderfully at adapting to a constantly changing demand. But could I really work with all that family?

Sometimes I just feel like my whole life is in preparation for going home and working there. Haven’t yet decided if that’s a bad thing.

Ps – Don’t forget the movie meme!  We still only 3 for 15!