How to survive the work week

10 02 2009

Monday:  Get reprimanded by your boss over & over for things you didn’t do.  Cry the whole commute home. Wonder if you were really cut out for the business world. Cry some more. Call Dad.

Tuesday:  It’s only Tuesday?????

8am – Drag yourself to work to be told that a project that isn’t due for another week and is almost done “Is taking FAR too long.”  Try to joke about it in your head.  Fail. Try not to cry again. 

8:30am – Set up party plans for the wkend with friends.  Set “Anti-Work” theme.

9am – Get bitched out again. Make plans to finish off that bottle of Bushmills in your cupboard while finishing those graduate school applications.


How to survive the work week from hell? 

A bottle of whiskey & some awesomely cheesy 80’s music.




2 responses

10 02 2009

Wow, your Monday sounds like many, many days I’ve had. I’m glad I’m not the only one who occasionally cries on the ride home. Your boss is a bitch. I cannot stress that enough. I have more of a Jekyl and hyde thing my way.

26 02 2009

I can’t believe I almost quit on that Monday…

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