Building up the Xmas List

29 11 2008

Back in the day, December meant fighting over the Sunday Fleet Farm and Toy R US flyers to cut out pictures of the toys we were desperate to own.  Nowadays, I find myself scrolling down websites for reviews on the games, books, and music that somehow slipped past my radar.  My favorite part of this task is reading the reviews for games.

After 10 years of begging for video games, my mother finally rescinded her statement that “Video games are for boys, sweetie.”  and bought me a Nintendo DS last christmas.  It was even red & black* just like I asked. 

Now as Thanksgiving is over, I get to skim site after site to discover the pros and cons of various DS games.  For every normal comment “Pro:  Outstanding classic platforming action,” there are awesome counterpoints like “Con:  Fruits-y protagonist.”  rofl.  Number 1 on my list this year:  LEGO Indiana Jones:  The Original Adventures whose major con is “No lightsaber action”  and maybe Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass because I lost mine the in move and never got to finish it. (I was soo close!)

Do I sound 12?  Yes! Awesome!


* Purple and I have a history. My parents were wonderful about buying just the right gift each year… but they always managed to find it in purple.  No fail.  Walkman, pjs, boombox, headphones, lava lamp… even a hair dryer!  Every year I explicitedly stated my vehement (and irrational) hatred of the color purple.  And every year they bought THE gift in purple.  *sigh*  Thank god I got over that.




One response

30 11 2008

I think I’m at an age where I can’t ask my parents for FUN stuff for Christmas. It has to be something practical. Like socks. Or steak knives.

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