“Don’t let your gf read Twilight”

24 11 2008

It’s still snowy!  I’m trying not to skip down the halls at work.  Work is a bitch today. I should be sad, but it’s just too beautiful out!!! Happiness!

The only things that could make this better are snow angels, a snowball fight, and hot chocolate.  Instead, I’ll settle for Earl Grey, blogs to read, and sneaking peaks out the window from my deserted boss’ office.


Congrates to Twilight on hitting $70M in the first weekend.  Looks like we will be getting that New Moon sequel.  woot!

Even better?  Ashley’s post led me freeandflawed’s guide on Guidespot: Why your girlfriend shouldn’t read/see Twilight.  It is GENIUS!!!! I nearly cried with laughter. It’s a definite MUST READ.  now.  You must read it right now.  Right. Now. Hilarious writing.

I downloaded the Twilight soundtrack last week in a moment of extreme weakness.  Normally, I avoid soundtracks like the plague bc they usually suck.  However, this one is phenomenal!  I adore the songs Spotlight by MuteMath and Full Moon by The Black Ghosts.  It includes a song from Rob Pattinson aka Edward (plus a bonus song if you download via iTunes).  I love his bluesy voice.  It’s completely different than what you would expect.  Completely wonderful.  Which is why I searched and downloaded a few more from random spots online. Online he has gone by Bobby Dupea (a Jack Nicholson character).  If you want Stray Dog, I’ll be your Lover, Broken, or To Roam, let me know and I’ll post share them in mediafire.  My favorites are Never Think and I’ll Be Your Lover.




One response

7 12 2008

I would LOVE it if you could post the songs! It’s impossible to find them now.

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