My head hurts like Jesus hates me.

21 11 2008

It’s so not awesome.  WTF headache? Go away.  Also, I look like I got sucker punched which is truely fantastic.  I’m rocking:

  • Dark circles under my eyes from waking up every hour for the last 3 days
  • An eyelid swollen to the point of “always half closed” which makes me look tired, droopy and 30% insane

The swollen eye is some sort of allergic reaction I’m supposing.  It is certainly not an bruise despite its bruise-ish qualities (like awesome color).  As I haven’t been drunk at anytime in the last 72hrs, I can account for every run-in with nearby walls, corners, & doorjambs.  We’re cool. Nothing hit my eye.  Unless I’m sleepwalking again…

At least, I don’t have to wear eye makeup (mostly bc it makes me cry right now) due to my purple ‘natural’ eyeshadow.  Woot.


please kill me.

PS – Yesterday, I wore navy from head-to-toe because my head hurt too much in the morning to try color combinations…. unfortunately, I realized my pumps were black around noon.

PPS – oh good lord. I just realized I’ve been drinking hot water – I forgot to put in the damn tea bag and didn’t notice.




One response

21 11 2008

You need to give into sleep.

The sooner the better.

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