Dear Neighbors Upstairs,

13 11 2008

Thank you for all 3 hours of sleep I had last night.  Your bedthumping fun both at Midnight and 4 frickin AM was fantastic for all of us.  I could tell you were having a great time. The loud shuddering screams and moans were pretty telling. As for me, not so much.  I needed that sleep as I’ve been fending off a cold. *sigh*

Next time, would you mind putting some blanket or something between your bedframe and the wall?  And maybe you could duct tape each other’s mouths shut. I’m sure it’ll be very kinky.

Thanks to you, I’m leaving work early today.  Woo… not. I’m sick, and I blame you. Thanks!

Sincerely hating you,
Grace K.




4 responses

13 11 2008

it’s reasons such as these that make me glad i’m a heavy sleeper.

13 11 2008

you should definitely tape the sounds on a recorder and the next time you go out for the night play them REALLY loud from your apartment. See how they like it.

13 11 2008

Our neighbors screw like rabbits. I can relate.

14 11 2008

Ewwww. Maybe some light music in the background to help drown out the noise? Or earplug?

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