Voting & Vampires

4 11 2008

I don’t want to vote. I’m serious. I get this way every election. Any election. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE politics. Obsessively sometimes.

My mind has been made up for months. I have no qualms or hesitations. But come election day, it just feels like such a bother. I don’t want to go stand in line for hours to check a box even though I know I will. I almost… (dare I say) Dread it.

Shame on me. *sigh* I’ll be in the voting booth tonight after work. You know, I’d be totally excited for this if I could take off work for it. Alas, no. I’m running a Networking Session all afternoon.


In other news:

Gave in. Everyone has been talking on&on about the Twilight series. I refused to even consider reading the books for months. It looked perfect for me: the new Harry Potter, little bit love story, little bit danger… But it’s about vampires. VAMPIRES. Hello?! Fear much???

When I was 7, my babysitter put on Buffy the Vampire Slayer after tucking me into bed. I snuck downstairs (did that a lot) bc I wasn’t tired. I was hiding behind the couch when I screamed. The show had a bunch of teenagers who were ‘infected’ or whatever (was this normal for the show?) who lept out of the bushes, snatched a guy, dragged him back with them and (not shown) begin drinking his blood & tearing him to shreds.

I slept with my rosary in hand for months after that.

You’d think at 22, I’d be grown up enough to handle scary stories. No. Not At All. For pete’s sake, Signs freaked me out. Granted I wasn’t allowed to stay and see the end, but what I did see was frightening. At 22, I shouldn’t wake up in a cold sweat positive that someone was in my room. (Granted, now my dreams have just scary people – not supernatural creatures – but still.) Yet, sometimes I still do.

I read it though. I bucked up and read the first. It was delicious! Is that the wrong word? It just feels right. Twilight was fantastic. I haven’t been this giddy about a book since first reading Harry Potter. I finished all 4 books this wkend. Yesterday, I reread Twilight. Crazy much? yes. thanks!

I’ve always wanted to do one of these…

UPDATE:  I voted! Yay me. Despite not having pre-registered, the whole shindig took only 20mins. Rock on! Last time it took 2hours.




2 responses

4 11 2008

To be fair, Signs was kiiiiiind of scary.

11 11 2008

Vampires are freaky. But kinda cool. But mostly freaky.

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