Building up the Xmas List

29 11 2008

Back in the day, December meant fighting over the Sunday Fleet Farm and Toy R US flyers to cut out pictures of the toys we were desperate to own.  Nowadays, I find myself scrolling down websites for reviews on the games, books, and music that somehow slipped past my radar.  My favorite part of this task is reading the reviews for games.

After 10 years of begging for video games, my mother finally rescinded her statement that “Video games are for boys, sweetie.”  and bought me a Nintendo DS last christmas.  It was even red & black* just like I asked. 

Now as Thanksgiving is over, I get to skim site after site to discover the pros and cons of various DS games.  For every normal comment “Pro:  Outstanding classic platforming action,” there are awesome counterpoints like “Con:  Fruits-y protagonist.”  rofl.  Number 1 on my list this year:  LEGO Indiana Jones:  The Original Adventures whose major con is “No lightsaber action”  and maybe Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass because I lost mine the in move and never got to finish it. (I was soo close!)

Do I sound 12?  Yes! Awesome!


* Purple and I have a history. My parents were wonderful about buying just the right gift each year… but they always managed to find it in purple.  No fail.  Walkman, pjs, boombox, headphones, lava lamp… even a hair dryer!  Every year I explicitedly stated my vehement (and irrational) hatred of the color purple.  And every year they bought THE gift in purple.  *sigh*  Thank god I got over that.


Puppychow for Breakfast

26 11 2008

Seriously. This is what happens when a girl can’t cook.  I’m drinking what’s left of my Light Silk Soymilk out of the carton and nibbling on puppychow for breakfast at work. 

I decided to be creative and make puppychow last week so I could have a snack at work. I’ve never made it alone before but it can’t honestly take an hour! Come on! It took me ages to get it all to work together.  First there wasn’t enough chocolate mixture. Then it wouldn’t coat the chex, and stirring with the spoon was crushing it.  Finally, I had to dig in with my hands.  *shudder*  Never again.  Am I really this deficient?  Yes.  Yes, I am.

I got my hair done last night! I’m loving the super dark, long curls. Woo!

So everyone is all up on the Edward stalking idea presented by Whoorl, right?  Woot! He’s so adorable! I haven’t seen the movie yet (I know! I’m waiting to go with my sisters this wkend), but watch him on Ellen (who I also adore). 

3 things occurred to me while watching this video:
1. Graduate school in LA is a wonderful idea.
2. Edward Rob just wants someone to ask him out? And be funny?  I CAN DO THAT!
3.  I am older than Rob.  2months.  Yes, I looked that up. 

4. If I dated Rob, there’d be 3 Robs in my life. lol. Yes, my mind went there.


ps – I know everyone says YouTube has soooo many issues because they don’t have a business plan and aren’t making enough money yadah yadah. They have a dedicated audience and clear majority of the market.  And I still love them.  And I would totally work there. *sigh* Anywhere but here.

“Don’t let your gf read Twilight”

24 11 2008

It’s still snowy!  I’m trying not to skip down the halls at work.  Work is a bitch today. I should be sad, but it’s just too beautiful out!!! Happiness!

The only things that could make this better are snow angels, a snowball fight, and hot chocolate.  Instead, I’ll settle for Earl Grey, blogs to read, and sneaking peaks out the window from my deserted boss’ office.


Congrates to Twilight on hitting $70M in the first weekend.  Looks like we will be getting that New Moon sequel.  woot!

Even better?  Ashley’s post led me freeandflawed’s guide on Guidespot: Why your girlfriend shouldn’t read/see Twilight.  It is GENIUS!!!! I nearly cried with laughter. It’s a definite MUST READ.  now.  You must read it right now.  Right. Now. Hilarious writing.

I downloaded the Twilight soundtrack last week in a moment of extreme weakness.  Normally, I avoid soundtracks like the plague bc they usually suck.  However, this one is phenomenal!  I adore the songs Spotlight by MuteMath and Full Moon by The Black Ghosts.  It includes a song from Rob Pattinson aka Edward (plus a bonus song if you download via iTunes).  I love his bluesy voice.  It’s completely different than what you would expect.  Completely wonderful.  Which is why I searched and downloaded a few more from random spots online. Online he has gone by Bobby Dupea (a Jack Nicholson character).  If you want Stray Dog, I’ll be your Lover, Broken, or To Roam, let me know and I’ll post share them in mediafire.  My favorites are Never Think and I’ll Be Your Lover.

Weekend Update

24 11 2008

The wonderful weekend ended this morning when I awoke at 4am to fat, fluffy flakes falling outside my bedroom window.  It was heaven.  I hope the rest of you had enjoyable weekends whether you were out partying, protesting, or Twilighting!

I nervously agreed to join a co-worker out for drinks w/ her friends on Friday night.  I’m so pleased I went.  It one of the best nights this year!  We met up at a downtown hotel bar (where apparently ALL of the after work set go) at 6pm and drank straight to 11:30pm.  I met a bunch of awesome people including a hot engineer named Nate (who prefers to tell everyone he’s a magician bc it’s ‘more fun’) and an adorably geeky team leader named Tom.  After happy hour and $5 martinis ended, the birthday girl led us on to a nearby swanky sports bar.  Even though I admitted my horrible darts skills at the beginning of the night to Nate, he asked me to be his partner in a game of cricket.  We came in 2nd (boo. I like winning).  The bar crawl proceeded somewhere else (I’m 3 whiskeys in), and I left at 11:30.  There were hugs all around and promises to get together again soon. 

It was a fantastic night.  I left at just the right time – a.k.a. before I embarrassed myself with a faceplant or bartop passout.  No, I didn’t get Nate’s phone number or anyone else’s for that matter (too drunk to remember those important things).  However, I did drunk dial my younger sister and literally sang to her my woes of wearing heels and getting drunk for the first time in months.  She played the voicemail for my Mom and 14 yr-old brother.  I am now the lovable laughingstock of my family.  woot.


The rest of this wkend was spent studying for the upcoming GMAT.  I’m scared stiff that I won’t get into any MBA program anywhere.  Therefore, studying my ass off.  (It’s actually kinda fun. sad, I know) 


I did take a break to watch the premier of YouTube Live – the first annual YouTube awards show.  It surpassed every other awards show I’ve ever seen.  Granted there were only like 2 awards given out.  The rest of the show was a showcase of some of the most original creativity I’ve ever seen.  There were the requisite ukulele players, Beardyman (beatbox phenom), Chad Vader, Planet B-Boy, and everyone’s favorite ‘My whole family thinks I’m gay” comedy singer Bo Burnham.

The Visionary Award went to Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan who has been a recent role model of mine.  She was celebrated for her use of online videos to educate the world about the Arab culture and unite the Arab community.  If you have a chance, learn more about Queen Rania at her website.  She is an incredible woman.

My sole reason for watching this live event was to see Jon Chu’s latest project:  The League of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD).  The video below of their performance is low quality and fails to capture the detail of perfection.  Click the link to find it on YouTube and select to watch in High Quality (HQ link is below the volume button).

Check out 3:10 for the beauty of the strange but awesome similarities in grace between the krump dancer and ballet dancers.

It’s not Halloween…

22 11 2008

This came out a month ago. How did I miss this????

And then tonight is the premier of something new….?

I’ll post it after they do.

My head hurts like Jesus hates me.

21 11 2008

It’s so not awesome.  WTF headache? Go away.  Also, I look like I got sucker punched which is truely fantastic.  I’m rocking:

  • Dark circles under my eyes from waking up every hour for the last 3 days
  • An eyelid swollen to the point of “always half closed” which makes me look tired, droopy and 30% insane

The swollen eye is some sort of allergic reaction I’m supposing.  It is certainly not an bruise despite its bruise-ish qualities (like awesome color).  As I haven’t been drunk at anytime in the last 72hrs, I can account for every run-in with nearby walls, corners, & doorjambs.  We’re cool. Nothing hit my eye.  Unless I’m sleepwalking again…

At least, I don’t have to wear eye makeup (mostly bc it makes me cry right now) due to my purple ‘natural’ eyeshadow.  Woot.


please kill me.

PS – Yesterday, I wore navy from head-to-toe because my head hurt too much in the morning to try color combinations…. unfortunately, I realized my pumps were black around noon.

PPS – oh good lord. I just realized I’ve been drinking hot water – I forgot to put in the damn tea bag and didn’t notice.

Twilight by way of the Fug Girls

19 11 2008

I’m so psyched for the Twilight movie coming out. Seriously. I practically inhaled the books (3x) and can’t wait to see what Hardwicke throws at us. However, like Brandy, I can’t help but laugh at some of the ridiculousness of the book. This leads right into the insanity that surrounds the film & its stars. That said, I just HAD to repost this.

(Fug Girls, I love you desperately for making each day a little bit funnier. Please don’t hate me for spreading your joy! Love, Grace)

November 19, 2008
Fug file:  dialogue, Twilight

Edward & Bella

Edward & Bella

ROBERT PATTINSON: Hello, my angel. [Snicker] I see you managed to get here without breaking any bones. [Chuckle]

KRISTEN STEWART: You know, we wrapped the movie a long time ago. You can break character and stop with the condescending laughter.

ROBERT: No, I can’t. It’s the hair. The unruly, slightly oily Edward hair that’s damp with the sweat of restraint and clammy lust. They won’t let me cut it, and it OWNS me. Is your dress made of sweatshirts?

KRISTEN: They haven’t said you can’t SHOWER, though. Maybe you’re just clammy because all your clothes look a tiny bit tight. And I think your shoe is untied. And, you know, the whole “you need to shower” thing.

ROBERT: God, your blood smells magical. Like sparkles and sunshine and fine wine. I must watch you sleep.

KRISTEN: Do you people see what I have had to put up with? Do you?

ROBERT: Oh, Bella. I love you. I may kill you. You don’t know.

KRISTEN: Not Bella. Kristen. Cameras are not rolling. Lord. I give you two months, tops, before all this breaks you.

ROBERT: You intoxicate me. I AM DANGER. Why do you not fear me, human?

KRISTEN: Oh, I fear you, all right. Trust.