“During Sex”

17 10 2008

Normally, I don’t run into these kinds of things, but I was meandering through Last.FM groups. (*sigh* i’m bored)  I found this:

TheShadowstorm said… “During sex…”

There’s a game in the 1989 forum that I thought I would migrate over here. It’s hilarious. 
All you must do is add ‘during sex’ to the song you are listening to, or you can just pick a song out of your music library.

Example: Blink 182 – What Went Wrong during sex

I started reading through the trail of comments. The Decemberists – Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right during sex and The White Stripes – I’m Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman during sex and Jordan Loder – Please be Happy during sex

lol. So I started up iTunes. First song that pops up: Fever Marlene – Check for Pulse during sex

HAHAHAhahahaha  haha  ha.  *sigh*  God I’m bored.




3 responses

19 10 2008

Hey so right after reading this I opened up iTunes too and low and behold the first song on my list is Barenaked Ladies “When I Fall….during sex”
love you

19 10 2008

keeps gettin’ better….during sex

thank you christina aguilera

3 11 2008

I pulled out a random song…

‘Maniac’ during sex. I do love Flashdance and Michael Sembello

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