“During Sex”

17 10 2008

Normally, I don’t run into these kinds of things, but I was meandering through Last.FM groups. (*sigh* i’m bored)  I found this:

TheShadowstorm said… “During sex…”

There’s a game in the 1989 forum that I thought I would migrate over here. It’s hilarious. 
All you must do is add ‘during sex’ to the song you are listening to, or you can just pick a song out of your music library.

Example: Blink 182 – What Went Wrong during sex

I started reading through the trail of comments. The Decemberists – Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right during sex and The White Stripes – I’m Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman during sex and Jordan Loder – Please be Happy during sex

lol. So I started up iTunes. First song that pops up: Fever Marlene – Check for Pulse during sex

HAHAHAhahahaha  haha  ha.  *sigh*  God I’m bored.

Most Exciting Bands in America

17 10 2008

I’m not sure how I missed this back in August, but NME put out a list of 25 acts making America cool again here with videos of the bands and ‘sounds like’.  They followed up on it with an additional list Most Exciting Bands In America – NME.COM Users Have Their Say here with a lot of bands I’ve never heard of. 

Do you listen to any of the bands on here? Love/Hate?  It seems a pretty narrow range of music – the indie side of rock, hip hop, rap, etc.  I’ve starred the ones I listen to regularly.  Give a shout out for bands on here (or you think should be) that you love. I’m dying to check out some new stuff!


The original list

  1.   Vampire Weekend
  2.   Lil Wayne *
  3.   Glass Candy
  4.   Kings of Leon
  5.   MGMT *
  6.   Spank Rock
  7.   TV on the Radio
  8.   Boy Crisis
  9.   Black Kids *
  10.    Holy Ghost Revival
  11.    The Hold Steady *
  12.    Fleet Foxes *
  13.    Amazing Baby
  14.    Jay Reatard
  15.    Health
  16.    The Cool Kids
  17.    Black Lips *
  18.    Yo Majesty
  19.    White Denim *
  20.    Telepathe
  21.    Iglu and Hartly
  22.    Chester French *
  23.    Girl Talk *
  24.    The Death Set
  25.    Grace Jones


The Fan’s List:

  1.   No Age
  2.   Asobi Seksu
  3.   White Rabbits
  4.   Yeasayer
  5.   A Place to Bury Strangers
  6.   The Whigs
  7.   The Virgins *
  8.   Delta Spirit *
  9.   Ra Ra Riot
  10.    Weather Underground
  11.    Boys Like Girls
  12.    Bon Iver
  13.    Semi Precious Weapons
  14.    Busdriver
  15.    WE Barbarians
  16.    The Little Ones *
  17.    The Morning Benders *
  18.    Shwayze
  19.    The Dead Trees
  20.    Battles
  21.    The Redwalls *
  22.    Bound Stems
  23.    Kaki King
  24.    Snowden
  25.    Grand Archives