My boobs are distracting

24 09 2008



On Monday, the Boss (female) said we needed to discuss my attire. I nearly died on the spot. She commented a few times when I had just started that I needed to “pull up my tank top” because people standing behind/next to me while I was sitting could see down my shirt. (ya think?) But this was the first time she really straight out said she thought a few of my past outfits were inappropriate. Get this, she says “So (*pointedly looking at my shirt*) starting tomorrow, please be more careful.”

For the record, I know they’re hard to ignore. It’s cool. You can stare. I’ve gotten used to it & am not bothered. 9yrs of teasing does that. However, since the initial comment from her (over a year ago) I have never worn a shirt that shows a hint of boobage. Not even a shadow. Now that’s worthy of an award.

So who the fuck of the 0-2 people I see a day is finding themselves distracted by completely covered* cleavage? Because I know you’re all married!!! creeps.



In other news:

While I still don’t have anything to sit on besides a foldable camping chair & the carpeting, I made soooo much progress on the new apt! I’d post pictures but my year old camera mysteriously stopped turning on. (from disuse?) I’ll post them as soon as I can.

  • Bedroom is painted & I BUILT a bookshelf for it. Ok, so Dad helped.
  • Most of my framed travel pictures are hung
  • All my electronics are sorted and setup.
  • Even my closets are organized!!!


And in a record to end all records: Chris the Fish is still alive. But I think he hates me…

*Also, I usually end up topping off my shirt+sweater combo with my Northface bc the office is so.fucking.cold.everyday. wtf? How can I hide them any more???? Should I relocate to the basement? Find a chair that makes me 6ft tall while seated? erg. Fuck you Boss. Fuck you.




7 responses

24 09 2008

Even this post about your boobs is distracting me. PLEASE PULL YOUR BLOGGY TANKTOP UP!

24 09 2008

I have the same problem…

My boss is always telling me to loosen my pants belt because my package is always sticking out.

I joke.

Or do I?

24 09 2008

I love love ❤ love that you enclosed your rant in between tags


As someone who deals with code, this really spoke to me…

Due to this fact alone, you’ve now gained a new subscriber to your blog!

PS. We need to talk about your attire…

24 09 2008

My last boss had the same exact talk with me!!! I feel your pain.

tell them to pay for your reduction and then you’ll be able to cover em up.

25 09 2008

i’m glad chris is alive and thriving 🙂

as for your boobs….WORK ‘EM! you know what little i have to work with…so be proud! and tell your boss to shove it.

25 09 2008

LMAO. Thanks for the support everyone! Except you, Ben. My Bloggy tanktop is jus… oh. er. hang on… sorry!

28 09 2008

i feel your pain. i too was cursed (my friends say blessed but they have only had to deal with their size B’s) with large boobs. the worst is trying to run in them, i’m afraid one day they’ll hit me in the face and knock me unconscious!

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