Confessions in Nerdiness

19 09 2008

Let’s just put my nerd points all out there right now? k?

Starting with:  I crush on geeks.  I know!!! *shudder* What is wrong with me?  But for the record:  My crushes can not only replace my graphics card, but also fix a flat tire & change my oil.  Oh and cook.  They love cooking.  And hate Macs.


I have never been a Gray’s Anatomy fan.  There is just something about your GA obsessed roommates’ behaviors of “OMG SHHHHHHHHHH SHUT UP GRAYS IS ON” that kinda is a turn off.  I get the basics of it. They’re doctors who screw around with each other a lot.  You know, like they do in RL. 

…or not.

So flipping the channels last night before an invigorating stint of Rock Band 2, I stopped randomly at the SexyDoctorDramaShow when I heard the words “like Hans Solo”            say wha?          Apparently, Boy lays in Cement and compares self to Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.  I giggle. Ooo! A stereotypical ‘nerd line’.  It’s funny when writers toss lines in here & there to say obviously this is a Geek.  But I stop laughing when ShortBossyDoctor goes off on him explaining an almost full history of Hans Solo.  I don’t remember why she did.  But  WOW.  Rock on.   I love me unstereotypical nerds. 


I was late arriving for Rock Band last night – delayed by “yay I just set up my desktop. Maybe I should turn it on just to check for updates.  Ooo Warcraft icon. I haven’t played that in aaaaggggeeesssss. (3wks. what? i just moved!) Maybe just a few minutes would be ok……….. omg. I was supposed to be there an hour ago!!!”


I coded in HTML for fun when I was bored in class or procrastinating in the dorms.  I taught myself java. I adore photoshop.  I miss math.  (But I chose Marketing? weirdo)


And since I know CL will comment otherwise comment on it:  We were discussing why I play Warcraft III but not World of Warcraft.  “I just prefer strategy to role play types.”   Makes sense right? I still don’t see why it’s so funny. Stop laughing. *pout*


And finally, Batman.  A few of my guy friends and I were discussing the awesomness of The Dark Knight over beers.  “Gah I love that movie. You know what’s so sexy?”  N hazards a guess (“Batman’s weird voice?”) at the same time as I say “When the batpod breaks out of the crashed batmobile.” *sigh* Gets me every time. Watch it again. You’ll agree. It’s H-O-T


Alright. There. It’s all out there now.  I feel better now. 

Am I alone in this geekdom?




4 responses

19 09 2008

ooh silly, we love you just the same. it wasn’t the words, it was the comment, and how perfectly placed it was in convo….i didn’t know we were offensive :(. like i haven’t said things like that before…

23 09 2008

Well, I dont like geeky guys…

but I dig geeky chicks, for sure.

24 09 2008

CL – lol I wasn’t actually offended. I just didn’t get why it was funny. N explained at the bookstore the other day. You all just find my dorkdom kinda funny haha. nbd

Matt – aww shucks. Now I feel kinda special! 😉

17 10 2008

I miss math, too. I’ve been so out of practice it scared me that I forgot a lot of it. I’m almost ready to whip out the old math books and study for the hell of it. (sigh) You are definitely not alone with your geekdom

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