Shhh! I’m working! (or Why I Hate TWC)

16 09 2008

Okay, so I was. For the record, I only ONLY dick off at work after an instance of The Stupids.*

X       X       X

Well, it’s been 2 full wks living (officially) on my own.  I love my building, my apartment, my roommate (Chris the Fish)… It’s perfect. 

Currently, I’m working to pretty the place up a bit. I’ll try to post before/after shots as soon as I can. A slight techonological malfunction (camera stopped turning on… but WHY?!?!?!) has delayed that post. 

X       X       X

As of my Move-In date, the ex-aptdwellers had not yet cut off there cable or internet service so I couldn’t set mine up to work.  Time Warner Cable & I scheduled a date for 2 between 7-9am Saturday. It was the nearest date they were available. I was “first on the list.”  Excellent, I thought.  I will have plenty of time for errands, painting, workout, & chilling at the park.  I got up extra early (6:30) to get pretty (shower + search for sweatpants) for TWC’s arrival. 

7am – Saturday Morning Cartoons
8am – huh. They changed the order of my favorite cartoons
8:30am – TWC calls. Their man just left the shop in a land farfaraway. He’ll arrive at 9:20
9am – I should prolly disconnect my tv from the cable or they’ll realize they forgot to shut it off. I’ve been watching it illegally. Muhahahaha. yea. that’s about as evil as I get.
9:20 – …
9:40 – I call TWC. Where for art my Romeo? Ahh. You don’t know either. oookay. Right. Oh okay, you’ll call me back after you’ve reached him.
10am – TWC calls. He isn’t answering his phone. He might have been in an accident or something. Suresure. Make me feel guilty for being pissed. I’ll try to reach him again. If we can’t reach him, I’ll send someone else out. I’ll call you back in a bit to let you know. Oooo this is looking like Resolution 101! yay!
10:30 – … way to call back asshat.
11am – I call TWC and wait on hold for 27 minutes.
11:27 – TWC buzzes my apt.  Apparently the “last guy [he] was with” was “talking too much”? I’m afraid his accent was so thick I couldn’t understand.  But if that’s true, who talks so much they delay the TWC guy by over 2 hrs?
12pm – TWC tells me there must be something wrong with my computer (false!) because he cant get online. He attempts his personal laptop which doesn’t get online either. He tells me it is reallyreallyreally slow. Really? Because 10minutes to wait for the internet to load sounds like another kind of problem…
12:30 – TWC leaves saying “internet works. your laptop doesn’t.”   Indeed. I have no internet.

And now, no free cable either.

X       X       X

That afternoon I finished painting my bedrm, packed my bags and drove home to see my family. It was a wonderful mini vacation from my apartment & the city. I got to throw pebbles into the pond w/ my niece, talk politics with my sisters & parents, tease my brother about high school, girls, & video games, and build a bookshelf with my dad. (you can’t comprehend it’s awesome-ness) My laptop was deemed perfect & internet friendly. My cell got a new battery. Life is beautiful.

I needed that pick-me-up in order to face this week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write a beautiful letter to TWC CEO about his fucked-up crap-tastic excuse of a company.

The End

* My Boss + Her Boss = Why ask a question if you aren’t going to listen to the answer? Don’t you dare ask me to do something and then demand a result completely different than what you asked for.




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16 09 2008

they really are the incarnation of the devil….

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