Oh Bawls,

30 09 2008

How I love thee!

One of the most interesting posts I’ve happened across in a while is Popular Culture’s Top 20 Most Influential things to happen to the Video Game Industry.

With just short summaries, the author explains the history of the industry on a global scale – and he makes it simple enough for even the biggest noob to understand. Check it out.  I know you’ll be tempted just to read the 20 headings and click away, but don’t.  It’s a well written piece that brings back a lot of fun memories for anyone who has ever gamed.

There are a lot of things within the Video Game Industry that we take for granted. Whether you like to sit on your couch with a controller playing your Xbox 360, or sitting in a leather computer chair microing your units with a mouse and keyboard, have you ever wondered how we got here? This is the Top 20 Most Influential Things to happen to the Video Game Industry. This is not just limited to games, but covers technology related to gaming, events, business practices of game developers, gaming culture, and everything else that influenced the entire industry. This Top 20 list reflects the entire Video Game Industry as a whole. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, professional gamer, game designer, or game shop owner you are affected by almost all of these (if not all), even if you’ve never heard of any of these before.
via Popular Culture

I’m loving the reminder of my favorite college drink: Bawls.

Now that’s what I need to keep me awake at work.


Ben Folds – Way to Normal

29 09 2008

Fumbling through Last.FM, I was stunned to see a new album from Ben Folds.  When the hell did this come out? 

Oh. Today.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but the initial comments don’t look good.  I’ve only heard Dr. Yang & the other full tracks available on Last.FM but they sound pretty decent.  Granted, I don’t think I’ll ever love another album as much as I loved Songs for Silverman & Ben Folds Live

Check out the cover art though – almost Mary Poppins meets Royal Tennebaums. (Don’t ask me how that works. It’s what I see in my head)  And since we’re on the topic of visual, isn’t this kinda awesome? I’ve never heard this version.  Apparently, it’s on the Way to Normal album.

Reps v. Dems: Dance Off

27 09 2008


Sweet!!!!!  Click on it and watch in High Quality – soooo much better!

Have you ever…

26 09 2008

You are walking toward the door.  Your hands are busy adjusting your shirt / fixing your hair.  Preoccupied, you walk smack into the door.

Damn hands. That hurt my face. Way to pay attention.

I started

25 09 2008

a post on the evolution of my awesome music taste through the ages. Unfortunately, I sounded a bit like a prat. I started to rework it and sounded like a loser. *tear* Maybe someday I’ll post it. In any case, my music taste is awesome.

last.fm: lashambles13

The Boss is gone today (yay!) and already Indie is chatting at me. For those of you unfamilar with Indie, go here for the summary paragraph. Strangely enough, I’m kinda tired of chatting with him. We still talk (on meebo or txting – forever our only link of conversation) at least once a week. He still makes me laugh harder than most. But I think I’ve gotten bored of the 10am “boner” txts and many of our meebo chats turn to drawn out small talk. I guess I’m just bored. huh. I told him I’m in a mtg & unavailable. Now I feel a little guilty.



So did you guys watch Bush’s address last night? I’ve got to be honest, he scared me. Throughout the week I’ve heard murmurs of discomfort in the financial sector with a new proposal to ‘save’ our economy. The speech topped it off. I called home and my genius father explained it all to me.

Now jury is still out on my vote for the Election. Bush invited both candidates to DC to join in the discussion on how to fix the financial crisis. McCain asked to delay Friday’s debate in order to focus temporarily on this. “Speaking to reporters in New York, McCain said he would suspend his campaign to work on banking legislation, saying President Bush’s proposed $700 billion bailout appeared unlikely to pass.” msnbc.com

and Obama replied with: “It’s going to be part of the president’s job to be able to deal with more than one thing at once.” msnbc.com

which I agree with, but… doesn’t that sound a little petty? I mean it sounded to me like Washington was all “hey let’s bring everybody together to show bipartisanship and figure this fucker out.” It’s not like McCain said “Er, geez I’m just not prepared enough for the debate. Can we delay so I can study more?”

Alright, argue with me. Do you agree it sounded a little petty?

My boobs are distracting

24 09 2008



On Monday, the Boss (female) said we needed to discuss my attire. I nearly died on the spot. She commented a few times when I had just started that I needed to “pull up my tank top” because people standing behind/next to me while I was sitting could see down my shirt. (ya think?) But this was the first time she really straight out said she thought a few of my past outfits were inappropriate. Get this, she says “So (*pointedly looking at my shirt*) starting tomorrow, please be more careful.”

For the record, I know they’re hard to ignore. It’s cool. You can stare. I’ve gotten used to it & am not bothered. 9yrs of teasing does that. However, since the initial comment from her (over a year ago) I have never worn a shirt that shows a hint of boobage. Not even a shadow. Now that’s worthy of an award.

So who the fuck of the 0-2 people I see a day is finding themselves distracted by completely covered* cleavage? Because I know you’re all married!!! creeps.



In other news:

While I still don’t have anything to sit on besides a foldable camping chair & the carpeting, I made soooo much progress on the new apt! I’d post pictures but my year old camera mysteriously stopped turning on. (from disuse?) I’ll post them as soon as I can.

  • Bedroom is painted & I BUILT a bookshelf for it. Ok, so Dad helped.
  • Most of my framed travel pictures are hung
  • All my electronics are sorted and setup.
  • Even my closets are organized!!!


And in a record to end all records: Chris the Fish is still alive. But I think he hates me…

*Also, I usually end up topping off my shirt+sweater combo with my Northface bc the office is so.fucking.cold.everyday. wtf? How can I hide them any more???? Should I relocate to the basement? Find a chair that makes me 6ft tall while seated? erg. Fuck you Boss. Fuck you.

Confessions in Nerdiness

19 09 2008

Let’s just put my nerd points all out there right now? k?

Starting with:  I crush on geeks.  I know!!! *shudder* What is wrong with me?  But for the record:  My crushes can not only replace my graphics card, but also fix a flat tire & change my oil.  Oh and cook.  They love cooking.  And hate Macs.


I have never been a Gray’s Anatomy fan.  There is just something about your GA obsessed roommates’ behaviors of “OMG SHHHHHHHHHH SHUT UP GRAYS IS ON” that kinda is a turn off.  I get the basics of it. They’re doctors who screw around with each other a lot.  You know, like they do in RL. 

…or not.

So flipping the channels last night before an invigorating stint of Rock Band 2, I stopped randomly at the SexyDoctorDramaShow when I heard the words “like Hans Solo”            say wha?          Apparently, Boy lays in Cement and compares self to Hans Solo frozen in carbonite.  I giggle. Ooo! A stereotypical ‘nerd line’.  It’s funny when writers toss lines in here & there to say obviously this is a Geek.  But I stop laughing when ShortBossyDoctor goes off on him explaining an almost full history of Hans Solo.  I don’t remember why she did.  But  WOW.  Rock on.   I love me unstereotypical nerds. 


I was late arriving for Rock Band last night – delayed by “yay I just set up my desktop. Maybe I should turn it on just to check for updates.  Ooo Warcraft icon. I haven’t played that in aaaaggggeeesssss. (3wks. what? i just moved!) Maybe just a few minutes would be ok……….. omg. I was supposed to be there an hour ago!!!”


I coded in HTML for fun when I was bored in class or procrastinating in the dorms.  I taught myself java. I adore photoshop.  I miss math.  (But I chose Marketing? weirdo)


And since I know CL will comment otherwise comment on it:  We were discussing why I play Warcraft III but not World of Warcraft.  “I just prefer strategy to role play types.”   Makes sense right? I still don’t see why it’s so funny. Stop laughing. *pout*


And finally, Batman.  A few of my guy friends and I were discussing the awesomness of The Dark Knight over beers.  “Gah I love that movie. You know what’s so sexy?”  N hazards a guess (“Batman’s weird voice?”) at the same time as I say “When the batpod breaks out of the crashed batmobile.” *sigh* Gets me every time. Watch it again. You’ll agree. It’s H-O-T


Alright. There. It’s all out there now.  I feel better now. 

Am I alone in this geekdom?