In the Meantime: A RAISE

21 08 2008

There are a million things I wish I had tried as a kid but never did because I didn’t want to start 1-2 yrs behind everyone else. For my All or Nothing personality, that meant never catching up.

The logic was: If, for example, I started playing guitar when I first wanted to at age 16 then, even as I progressed through the years, I would always remain 6 years behind my peers. Yes. Logical to the point of Illogical. It was my nature.  But not anymore.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m trying something new (and making an ass outa myself). I can’t wait to spill! It’s sooo COOL.  

In the meantime:

  • GOT ANOTHER RAISE!!!   thank you thank you thank you
  • love my family who came to visit for irishfesting this past wkend
  • got a bed (hallelujah!)

In other news, I’m removing negativity from my life.  I’ve always been very compromising (business-like personality) and trying to find the best for everyone.  Unfortunately, that has led some to consider me a pushover, which I am not.  I’m loyal & forgiving. Usually. 

In the past, I’ve just let things slide because it wasn’t a big enough deal to get into a tizzy about it.  BUT I’ve been pushed too far, too many times.  This is it.  I don’t give a flying fuck.  Rock on me. 

So… be nice, be positive, be willing to make the effort, or get the fuck out.


ugh. boss calling…