Stats & Stalking

16 08 2008

I was flipping thru my Blog Stats a few days ago to see what viewage is like now vs. during my brain fart.  I know some of you have mentioned from time to time the most common/random/awesome words people search and stumble to come across your blog.  So I took a little looksee…  The results?

People are obsessed with New York, Las Vegas & Renoir.
They also want to know more about:
–   “sultry leather”
–   “how tall is Adam Sevani”
–   “cassette45” (aww you love me! tanks kids!)
–   “worst roller coaster accidents”
–   “starting over at 24 and facebook”

Oooohh Nooos! So@24, someone is stalking you!!!! Must be those sweetass Lion King icebreakers.