Episode 2: Stoners

15 08 2008

Adventures in the City: Episode #2
Brought to you by Biking at Night Productions

Living on the East Side of the city means you get accustomed to seeing people from all walks of life daily. It’s the more ‘creative’ side of town. Sure it is overrun with yuppies on the main streets, but there are also the students, artists, musicians, baristas (yes they get their own category) & homeless. Live here long enough and you start to question “why not get your neck, lip or eyebrow* pierced”.

What do you think? Should I get one? ;)

What do you think? Should I get one? 😉

Biking around some of the darker streets a few nights back I came a upon a herd of stereotypical stoners. Dreaded, half dressed, supporting the Value Village clothing trend, moving slowly, with a sickly sweet stench you could smell all the way down the street… stereotypical stoner behavior. But traveling in packs? That’s news to me. I could see them just a block ahead: If I travel at a rate of X and they are meandering at a rate of Y, at what time will we intersect? lol. Seriously. I slowed as I approached the corner thinking to let the 20 of them pass. One little girl** took off when she saw me. Racing toward me as I paused, she circled me 2x yelling “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU” and then ran away down the street leaving me an the rest of the pack laughing in her wake.

love this city.

*On the Record – I hate that I took out my eyebrow piercing. It’s been over a year since I joined the corporate world (which did not approve) and took it out. I miss it. sadness.
**Little as in could have been 12 by looks due in part to height & frame, messy ponytail, & the requiste XXL Grateful Dead t-shirt draping down to her knees.