12 08 2008

As one or two of you may have noticed, I fell off the face of the earth for a while.  Sorry kids! I’d like to say I quit my job, moved & was snatched up by a talent agency for my mad dance skills. Unfort not.  I was just a bit bored with the whole blogging bit. Not to say I haven’t been keeping tabs on all of you. Don’t you fret. I’ve been faithfully blogstalking     every.  last.  one.  of.  you.

Let’s see… My life is:
Work = Dumbass boss, silent office, SUPER BUSY
Home = Woah.

Yea. Woah. I’ve complained a few times (read millions) about my charming roommate. Well, she’s moved out. Yeppers. I set Sept 1st as the Move-Into-New-Apt date, and she finally took me seriously. She quit her job in the city over a month ago & decided to move in with her sister back in the hometown. I was actually quite psyched about that. I told her “you can have the couch ($50 bought together) as I’m gonna buy a new one” and “Well, since I was borrowing your sister’s old bed and will have a new one from my sister, you can have that back too.”  The mattress, box frame & bed frame… all her sister’s.  No problem. My sister moved in w/ her boyfriend/baby daddy and freed up her old bed for me to steal.  My car can’t handle it, but my parents offered to drive it down the wkend I move in.  Roomie was planning on renting a uhaul when she moved out to handle all her stuff. Great I thought.

But I meant like… you know… Sept 1st? Roomie decided to move on August 1st. She’s not gonna back out of the rent, but you should see the place. Living room… pretty f*ing empty. Her room… pretty f*ing empty.  My room… full minus bed.

You see there is a hole in my air mattress and I can’t figure out where. So I’ve been sleeping on the hardwood floor with 2 blankets. I can rough it. NBD right? Actually, it really hasnt been much of an issue – til this morning when I woke up with a major sunburn and a knot the size of a grapefruit in my back. Rock on.

In the meantime life has been happening:
– Approved for new apt
– Dreaming of decorating new apt w/ my amazing black & white photography collection
– Watching awesome cheesiness a la Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller & Breakfast Club
– RIP krazr – Hello old razr
– RIP ancient ipod mini – Hello cds last purchased in high school…
Currently rocking out to my old collection of hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, pop punk, ska, jazz, etc…

Can you believe I used to hardcore love the following bands/artists?
Drowning Pool
System of a Down
The Ataris
Jimmy Eat World
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes

So…. what with the last few posts et al… I’m back to blogging. sporadically. for now.


UPDATE:   Hole in mattress confirmed at 2am this morning.  Study’s results show:  Not worth risk of passing out trying to blow up air mattress by breath alone only to be lying on hardwood floor again 4hrs later.




3 responses

12 08 2008

Roommate probs are the WORST. Glad to hear yours is working out! Welcome back!

13 08 2008

It’s kind of Zen, just sleeping in an empty apartment on the hardwood floors. Maybe you can meditate the grapefruit-knot away, or something 🙂

7 10 2008
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