12 08 2008

As one or two of you may have noticed, I fell off the face of the earth for a while.  Sorry kids! I’d like to say I quit my job, moved & was snatched up by a talent agency for my mad dance skills. Unfort not.  I was just a bit bored with the whole blogging bit. Not to say I haven’t been keeping tabs on all of you. Don’t you fret. I’ve been faithfully blogstalking     every.  last.  one.  of.  you.

Let’s see… My life is:
Work = Dumbass boss, silent office, SUPER BUSY
Home = Woah.

Yea. Woah. I’ve complained a few times (read millions) about my charming roommate. Well, she’s moved out. Yeppers. I set Sept 1st as the Move-Into-New-Apt date, and she finally took me seriously. She quit her job in the city over a month ago & decided to move in with her sister back in the hometown. I was actually quite psyched about that. I told her “you can have the couch ($50 bought together) as I’m gonna buy a new one” and “Well, since I was borrowing your sister’s old bed and will have a new one from my sister, you can have that back too.”  The mattress, box frame & bed frame… all her sister’s.  No problem. My sister moved in w/ her boyfriend/baby daddy and freed up her old bed for me to steal.  My car can’t handle it, but my parents offered to drive it down the wkend I move in.  Roomie was planning on renting a uhaul when she moved out to handle all her stuff. Great I thought.

But I meant like… you know… Sept 1st? Roomie decided to move on August 1st. She’s not gonna back out of the rent, but you should see the place. Living room… pretty f*ing empty. Her room… pretty f*ing empty.  My room… full minus bed.

You see there is a hole in my air mattress and I can’t figure out where. So I’ve been sleeping on the hardwood floor with 2 blankets. I can rough it. NBD right? Actually, it really hasnt been much of an issue – til this morning when I woke up with a major sunburn and a knot the size of a grapefruit in my back. Rock on.

In the meantime life has been happening:
– Approved for new apt
– Dreaming of decorating new apt w/ my amazing black & white photography collection
– Watching awesome cheesiness a la Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller & Breakfast Club
– RIP krazr – Hello old razr
– RIP ancient ipod mini – Hello cds last purchased in high school…
Currently rocking out to my old collection of hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, pop punk, ska, jazz, etc…

Can you believe I used to hardcore love the following bands/artists?
Drowning Pool
System of a Down
The Ataris
Jimmy Eat World
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes

So…. what with the last few posts et al… I’m back to blogging. sporadically. for now.


UPDATE:   Hole in mattress confirmed at 2am this morning.  Study’s results show:  Not worth risk of passing out trying to blow up air mattress by breath alone only to be lying on hardwood floor again 4hrs later.