Dance TV Musings

8 08 2008

More interesting stories to come soon. Promise.  In the meantime, a few thoughts…

Currently watching So You Think You Can Dance season finale. Mucho Love. Except I hate that this is the end until next summer. 😦  I want it to just keep going.

I have similar feelings about the ACDC / M&M finale at Teen Choice Awards. Yes I DID watch just to see the dance battle.  If you care to know what I thought:  I think the camera guy who shot the ACDC routine was drunk.  I have the same feelings sometimes about SYTYCD because the camera will swoop and spin in such a way that it simply must be cabled like that do in stadiums for the football games.  Drives me nuts.  Dance of this calibur does not need the extra flash of fun camera-ing.

So sad ACDC is over. I want it back. Guess I’ll just have to keep hoping they’ll keep posting videos just for the hell of it.

PS – Rock on SYTYCD for classing it up with all that extra cultural influence this season with the Bollywood and Russian Trepak pieces.  Phenom.




4 responses

8 08 2008

How did you feel about the outcome? I feel like it was a let down after Chelsie and Mark were kicked off, but I’m glad Joshua went away with the whole thing!

8 08 2008

Honestly, I was never much of a fan of Chelsie or Mark. I rooted for Twitch, Kaytee & Gev for the whole season. I’m actually really glad of the result. As much as I wanted Twitch to win, Joshua pulled through every routine so seamlessly that I have to admit he is the better dancer. Other than his amazing dancing, Twitch’s personality is what drew me – perfect example: his reaction to Joshua’s winning. Now that is what makes him so awesome.

8 08 2008

I miss ya Cassette. It’s been too long.

12 08 2008

aw tanks! iz back!

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