Story of My Life

4 08 2008

Once upon a time, a young woman named Grace decided to go thrift shopping. She plotted and planned, and left right after Saturday morning cartoons. After stopping at the gas station for a fill up, diet coke & atm, she drove off to her first store. For a moment, she considered leaving her purse in the car, but “it’s the city” so she grabbed it & her soda and walked to the building. A wetness on the purse made her pause. Looking inside, she saw that the semiwaterproof bag was suddenly a small lake – with journal, cell & ipod swimming inside. She hurriedly grabbed out the items as fast as possible but already knew they were shot.

Luckily the journal’s pages were only damp on the edges – as it had rested almost above the floodwaters on the ipod. The ipod & cell… are dead. RIP.

Not one to freak, she cleaned and dried as much as she could and then proceeded to the thrift store. It was eh ok. Then to the next one… it was closed for restocking. The next was empty and up for lease… and the next was condemned by the city. Awesome. “Just not in the cards to thrift today” she said and went home proud to say that she handled the situation with true grace and calmness. Now how does she tell someone about her idiotic mistake without a phone??? Not even a landline. Not even sure payphones exist anymore. And roommate is gone for the wkend so no one to borrow a phone from to call home.

Cell – Dead
Voice over IP – Not working
Available to chat – via Email or AIM

msg me?

-love, your favorite moron




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