new music meme

29 07 2008

I’m bored so… a meme. Stolen from All the Wine

Put your mp3 player or music player on your computer on random.
Post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (Skip repeat artists).
Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.

FYI – there are definitely a few embarrassing ones on here. oi

1. the tyranny of
trying to know
everything takes
over the freedom

2. Like we always do at this time
I go for mine, I got to shine
Now throw your hands up in the sky
I g-go for mine, I got to shine
Good Life – Kanye West (All the Wine)

3. Bright lights, big city
Was quite extraordinary.
The drive was pretty.
I was in perfect company.

4. Everyone is right
And no one is sorry
That’s the start and the end of the story
From the sharks and the jets

5. I’ve got something up my sleeve that I don’t want to show you
Cause everytime I bleed I make a fool of me
I’ve got shakey little fingers, that hold on to your grip
You’ve got wrapped around my world

6. You were waiting for me, you saw me, you saw me
As I wish the whole world would
You would never hurt me, desert me or work me
For all the things you thought you should

7. it feels less important when you want to wait it out
i had enough feeling give me what i want or put me on the streets
i’m getting tired of living my life like nothing’s happening
talk is cheap but lies are even cheaper

8. From Jamaica to the world,
this is just love,
this is just love,
Love Generation – Bob Sinclair (cl)

9. Oh no I just keep on falling
And where’s hope when misery comes crawling?
With your faith you’ll trigger a landslide
To kill off this common sense of mind

10. All day staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Unwell – Matchbox Twenty (cl)

11. I sit and think about the day that you’re gonna die,
‘Cause your wrinkled eyes betrayed the joy with which you smiled.
Care to see my reason?
Care to put your life in mine?

12. it’s your bed
so please choose a side
I’ll take the one closest to the door
and you start to speak

13. It was not tricky to enjoy
A cigarette in hand was the key to understanding
To seek out and to destroy
The mindless oversights

14. You stay away from your window light
You used to have a life
You got a box of light
You got your eye and your heart abound
Reality TV – Infadels (cl)

15. Yo there’s somethin wrong with my radio dial
Some of these fools just ain’t got style
I don’t know why and I don’t know how
But I do know a dude low and you so foul

16. I’m hot
You’re cold
You go around
Like you know

17. It was one hundred degrees,
As we sat beneath a willow tree,
Whose tears didn’t care, they just hung in the air,
And refused to fall, to fall.

18. Let me what the sun don’t like, caught somewhere between stop and go like yellow lights. (ah ha) hustla so i got to get it mellow ride me down the block around the clock nothin nice. I roll like cherry red yellow dice just watch it pop call it the “kettle white”, its hot, just the block , call it the “ghetto wife”, Paul McCane its my ball and chain, mi amor.

19. Why do you let me stay here
All by myself?
Why don’t you come and play here?
I’m just sitting on the shelf
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? – She & Him (All the Wine)

20. It’s been a long time coming..
Days, days are turning to nights now
They said… they said I’d be okay
But when I hear those church bells ringing

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2 responses

29 07 2008

8) Love Generation- Bob Sinclar
10) Unwell- Matchbox 20
14) Reality TV- The Infadels

yesss!! you can find mine on my page, too! this is fun.

1 08 2008

2. Kanye West – Good Life
19. She & Him – Why do you let me stay here

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