Birth Order

30 05 2008

Reading the Birth Order book my mom hid in my bag last time I was home was enlightening. It was as if a door opened in my mind and the white rabbit grabbed my hand dragging me through “Look! See! That is why you tick the way you do.”

I am a certifiable ‘discouraged perfectionist’.  Basically that means I live by an All Or Nothing perspective, which is completely true.  Par Examp – my room is a state of disaster nearly 75% of the time.  The floor is just covered with clean & dirty clothes.  (i like to mix it up)  However, when I clean it, it is spotless – totally perfection – eat off the floor clean.*

Just reading that there are other people who have the same issues as me made me feel TONS better.  Now I’ve just gotta start trying to do things at least halfway.

*I wouldn’t recommend it. You dont know who lived here before me. They could’ve gotten sexed up on it alot.




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