26 05 2008

I’m picky about shoes & bags.  I know you’re supposed to be one or the other, but I’m both; or neither perhaps.  I don’t whim-buy. I will find what I want and check back over & over until I decide I’m consistantly obsessed enough to fork over the $$$. Otherwise I buy for necessity. 

A few examples:
It took me 3 months of daily online studying to pick up a big chocolate leather hobo by Hype off bluefly.
I emailed my mom about a cute pair of Nine West heels back in December, but didn’t purchase them until April when I needed a pair of pretty black heels for Vegas.

Anyway, Shoes:
My current obsession is Luciano Padovan.  Their website makes me swoon. I mean just look at the sultry curve of the arch. *sigh* I want.

A few months back, I was lusting for a pair and searched for shops. Imagine my shock when one of the v.few shops that carried the line is only 20mins from my office!  Yet, I haven’t quite made it that far.  I’d like to say it’s because I haven’t yet figured out how to justify spending more than my rent check on a pair of heels.  But it’s not. 

The real reason I have gone running over is because I can never remember to go on a day when I have both my Coach gallery tote & Cole Haan slingbacks. Sad right? I won’t go because I am not prepared to walk in with my best things. I’d hate to go in my target pumps and ancient anoymous black bag. Can you imagine the service I’d get? I’ve done that before. It’s not quite Pretty Woman, but you’re definately ignored til you leave.

Note to self:  Wear Haan heels & Coach tote tomorrow. Oh, and pay the damn internet bill.





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