Brain Freeze

21 05 2008


Well, it’s more like writer’s block than I-chugged-my-sno-cone but in the thoughts sense, not the writing sense.  Or maybe yes? idk. I haven’t written much as of late due to random “Grace, you were supposed to be in *city#2* today. Where are you?” issues with the Boss. I’d write on it, but I whinge enough as it is w/o doing anything about the problem.  (As my Grandpa would say, “shit or get off the pot”)

I guess the freeze is as follows…

  • I know I hate my job & need to search for a new one
  • I know I need a new apt – 1 bedroom – no roomie

I don’t want to change apts until I have a new job. The city has nothing in the way of marketing positions right now. And with the “maybe/kinda/yes” recession-ish thing we’re going through…

  • should I just wait it out a little longer?
  • should I look at other cities? nothing really ties me here
  • I could look East – everyone seems to be slowly migrating that direction
  • I miss living elsewhere where I can explore and feel uninhibited
  • I miss London.

Whoa. I miss London. I mean, I have for a while, but that feeling disapated a bit as I was busy graduating and then working. It’s been 2 yrs, and I am almost afraid that I will go back* expecting the same excitement I had – and fail.

Part of me is holding off on the finding a new job thing because I want to make a decision on where to live. Do I stick it out here in the city? I like it well enough. Part of me wants to move, to get away, to start fresh. I have nothing/no one to run from; In fact, all my favorites are within 2hrs from here. However, I feel like it’s necessary for me to go somewhere alone and find myself – before it’s too late. 

“Too Late” = tied to a job I like, longterm boyfriend, big close (thiscityclose) network of friends – basically just having a group or job that I am dependent on for my happiness

So, do I do now? Run, jump, fly to somewhere else? Where?

*London is too expensive at this exchange rate so… put on the backburner?





6 responses

22 05 2008

1) keep writing, work through the snow cone brain freeze, it’ll be all good.
2) perhaps look beyond your position just to see what’s out there. try sending your resume to the various ad agencies that are scattered throughout the City.
3) apartment hunting sucks. hopefully we can live close to each other, although i may be moving to an apt. in same area as my parents b/c it’s cheaper 😦
4) stay in the city and get experience for at least another year and then if you want, look elsewhere. i reckon i’m heading south in a couple or few years.
5) i miss france. it happens and the best i can do for myself right now is pictures and memories.
6) don’t worry about being “too late”. to quote my favorite quote: it’s never too late to be what you may have been.
7) on monday, one of your favorites will be in the City for a long, undetermined amt of time. be happy about that :).

31 05 2008

Put your choices on a dart board, close your eyes, and toss a dart in the general direction.

Let me know how it goes!

4 06 2008

I don’t have tons of advice, but I will say that I am totally on board with your wanting to go before it’s “too late”. The more things that tie you down, the harder time you’ll have leaving. Not that staying is a bad thing, at all. But you know, if you’re wanting to go, and always HAVE wanted to go, having great friends, a great network – it really ties you in and makes you wonder if you’ll find it again elsewhere.

4 06 2008

Oh! And I totally meant to tell you that I HEART your tagline up there. Love, love, love. I think we need to be music friends.

4 06 2008

Ooo thanks for the suggestions!

CL – psyched you’re in town! still debating on the job/apt search. This city has 2 jobs for marketing available that I’ve found. TWO that aren’t “sales disguised as marketing”.

so@24 – since i love me some darts… strongly considering your idea.

elise – rock on! spoon is amazing. As for the moving, you v.concisely said everything I’ve been struggling to put to words – “having great friends, a great network – it really ties you in and makes you wonder if you’ll find it again elsewhere.”

20 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Exaggeratory!!

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