13 05 2008

I stopped wishing I was with you a while ago. Now I just wish I was with someone. It’s fine enough seeing you with someone else. I would just prefer not to be alone while witnessing it.

I like being the person everyone feels comfortable with. I like being there for people; being a good friend. It’s part of my nature to listen and comfort. Just wish someone wanted to be there for me.

Put yourself out there. Explore your interests. I know. I really do. And as against my nature as it may seem, I have been. I’m taking guitar lessons on tuesdays, playing in a volleyball league on fridays, & building with habitat for humanity on saturdays.

I’m not looking for advice. Just feeling a little attention needy.

I feel a little better.
I’m just gonna listen to some kate voegele & crash. night all.

update: 1:48am – SCE calls. hmm bar close… gee whiz. wonder what he wants. ignore.

update 2: 3 missed calls from an unknown # last night – strangely the same # that’s drunkdialed&txtd last wk. Well, there goes my “wrong #” theory. I did a little digging, and the caller is a friend-ish. Actually, he’s a guy I went to high school with, played poker w/ in college, and madeout with last summer… He has been sooo awkward since. We’ve only run into each other maybe 3x, but he will actually pretend I’m not there. It so ridic that our mutual friend “introduced us” at a bar months back bc of his weirdness. Makes ya wonder what happened that night that embarasses him so. I know I’m a bit, er, insulting, when I’m tired after/during a long drunk makeout and usually just turn over and go “bug off I’m falling asleep now”. But that can’t possibly generate this kind of awkardness… Soooo why is he calling me now – almost a year later?




2 responses

13 05 2008

Everyone loves a drunk dial!



13 05 2008

haha yes. At least, I sure hope so since I ddial every wkend.

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