Guess who’s back…

7 05 2008

Armstrong:  Are you in TheCity?
Me: * (just outa town) at the moment but TheCity for week. Are you coming to town?
Armstrong: I’m here all day for a conference. It should be ending around 5. Was going to see what your plans were for dinner
Me: none yet.
Armstrong: Want to go somewhere? How far away is *?
Me: Sure. * is about 30ish mins outa the city – depends on rush hour. Meet u in town? Craving anything specific?
Armstrong: Nothing in particular. I suck at directions but could make my way to *

hmm… well, as much as I’d love to go home first and clean up a bit (came to work looking shitty of course) I guess that’s not much of an option.  Maybe I’ll ditch out on work early and tell him to meet me in town.  Then I can get at least into more flattering clothes and fix my hair.




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