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29 04 2008

Last night I horded chocolate. This morning I was short with roomie. Getting any clues?

Stuck it through in the living room just long enough for gossipgirl last night. Then I finished devouring David Baldacci’s Hour Game while hiding out in my room. Funny trend I’m noticing… roomie & her ‘not boyfriend’ (photoboy aka NBf2.0) are all makemevomit cuddly cute when I’m present but seem to jump apart when I leave – it’s like they are afraid to be alone together for too long because they might run out of things to say. 

He is staying through at least thursday. 5 days. Originally it was gonna be 8. 8! As in, didn’t the last NBf stay for 8 days which was the spoken cause of their falling apart??? ppppppplease let them fall apart.  Or move out. I have nothing against couples. Just against them.

<rant>No offense, but I decided I didnt like him much on day one. He very strangely brought up the fact that a few years back he was driving and hit a kid who was biking. HoldUpSayWHA?! Um, Excuse me, but I was hit while riding my bike home from work one summer.  Now granted I was hit by 40 something lady in a minivan, but at least she stopped and kinda came to check on me after sending me & my bike flying into traffic on a busy road. Ok, so she too drove away, but at least she kinda stopped to make sure I wasnt dead. Thank god I wore my helmet.  Yes, people make mistakes.  Ok photoboy, but YOU HIT A KID. Yes, you glanced back to see that they got up alright but you (1) didnt stop (2) tell the story like it’s an slightly embarrassing/somewhat funny tale to someone you just met. </rant>

Anyway, I thought I had a purpose at some pt. Oh, well I stayed up late last night (they giggle and flirt loudly from the other bedroom) and wrote a rather scathing journal entry on pride, jealousy, talent & giving credit where credit is due.  lol. Interesting to me.  May or may not post. It is quite smug sounding. Hope you’re all having a wonderful wk!




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30 04 2008

post post post!

30 04 2008

p.s. i thought he seemed really odd and really full of himself…hello, not that cute either

9 06 2008
Dearest friends & fellow bloggers, « Cassette45

[…] person-I-share-rent-with acquired a boyfriend sometime back in April (See NBf2.0 Visits).  My post failed to update on the fact that those 5 days became 14. FOURTEEN DAYS. Sometime […]

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