I’m baaaack!

25 04 2008

Well, actually my last post was my first back from the break… but…

Alright, I’ve been shit about posting. And doubly shit about reading. Sorry kids. I’ll make a dent in my 963 unread posts in my reader asap. I have popped by your pages from time to time but really need to get back in the swing.

I don’t know why I took a hiatus. Just wasn’t feeling it I guess.


Guess who’s pulling a 10th grade “sick day” and leaving work early due to “just feeling horrible”! ME!!! And guess what is actually going on. I’M ROADTRIPPING!!! One of my friends called last night to invite me to a concert in IL (4hr drive) and I did say no – being all responsible and shite. However, then I was listening to MrMraz and realized I didnt truely feel the last of his concerts due to my intense level of inhiberation. (plus that was all GeekInThePink 2ish years ago). So I called him back after Favre’s Letterman appearance to say “screw work. let’s go!”

Hells yes. This is SWEET.

  • Concert tonight plus seeing old friends!!!
  • Baseball game tomorrow! With SCE btw. haha. oh my. the stories. I’ll report on that later. In the meantime, we is hittin’ up a game! I’d like to say I’m hating on all those who said “yea def. that’d be cool” and then backed out when it came tix buying time but… I’ll be honest, we have a ton of fun together. Who cares if people *cough*roomie*cough* suddenly can’t come along because their notboyfriendofthemoment hates sports. Who hates sports?? wtf kids. wtf.

Friday, I eagerly awaited the call from friends to say they were on their way. Unfortunatly one had made plans to babysit when she thought the concert was gonna pan out. By 1:30pm it was a no-go. Sadness.

However, I decided to have a fantastic day anyways. Why not? PTO, beautiful weather (aka tornado watch), time away from the roomie (who went to visit the not boyfriend of the moment.) And I DID.

Saturday part of the family came to town for a feis (Irish step dancing competition – my little sister’s) and we hung out for a good part of the day. By noon I still hadn’t heard from SCE on the tix for the baseball game so I txtd. At 3:30 I called. voicemail. I hope his uncle (in the hospital) didnt take a turn for the worse or that he didnt get into an accident on his motorcycle (do you see where my mind goes?) and that the real reason is that he just forgot or decided he didnt feel like it. Insulting to me, yes but better than an injury report.

Still, it was a great wkend. I had the apt to myself until last night *gag* and am feeling refreshed for a tough wk at the office.

Hope the rest of you had wonderful wkends!




3 responses

28 04 2008


I need a roadtrip.

28 04 2008

epic fail.

3 05 2008

You’re allowed to go on hiatus every once in awhile! I’m feeling one in my midst soon, too… :-\

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