Things I’ve left behind…

24 04 2008

You name it, I’ve left it somewhere. From pillows to pills, camera chargers to keys, I have dropped, forgotten or misplaced just about one of everything. Unless we’re counting my keys – cause I lose those prolly ever 4-6months. However, there are some main things I’ve discarded whether accidentally or on purpose that at least I find slightly hilarious.

Things I’ve left behind…

  • Back in the college days, I was visiting roomie & somehow allowed my purse (complete with wallet, $$$, soci card, credit cards, camera & cell) to fall off my arm as we walked to the music festival. I realized it just before we entered the fest, took my flipflops in hand and booked it in the opposite direction with only a “oh my god my purse!” to tell anyone where I was going. Actually, the realization and running are all I remember since I blacked out early. I don’t remember even leaving for the festival or making out with Mr.Opportunity or punching him in the balls for making out with me.
  • New Years 2008 – keys
  • Just recently in Vegas, I wore a low cut bra I had picked up on clearance at Vicki’s. It wasn’t the best quality and was a little old, but it was the only bra I had to work with that sexy LBD that V’ed down to ‘there’. 2 hours into the party at Hugh Hefner’s Sky Villa (for serial!) the front snapped. The FRONT. I wore it… undone… for a few uncomfortable hours. At 4am I gave up and threw it into Hugh’s trash and went without for the rest of the night.
  • Last weekend – keys
  • Last summer roomie & I celebrated our apt with our first party. LittleMissDrunky aka me didn’t join the rest of the group at the bars. I had to be walked back home by Indie because I hadn’t remembered my purse, cell, $ or DRIVER’S LICENSE. Dumbass. I don’t remember any of this but since I forgot my keys too (as did roomie) Indie had to kick the door open – splintering the doorframe. Rock the fuck on.

and finally…

  • In London I woke up one morning thinking “GAH. I peed in an empty street between 2 cars last night. I can’t believe I did that. … OMG I took off my socks and left them there. Why on earth? … wait… I was wearing heels…. wait, where’s my underwear?”

Good times, good times. So kids, forgotten anything? Got a good story?




2 responses

25 04 2008

This post made me giggle inappropriately at my place of employment. Thank you. 🙂

5 05 2008

Ahh I needed to hear this! Two weeks ago I was visiting a friend and had a similar drivers license situation. We waited 45 minutes to get a cab, drove to the club then I realized that in my drunken stupor I left my entire purse at my friends house. So, I did the logical thing at the time- I RAN BACK IN HIGH HEELS. And then, called a cab to get back to the club. Needless to say, it sort of ruined my party night but I got in my cardio.

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