24 03 2008

The Vegas in T-18 Days.
I can’t wait!  I’m meeting up with all the girls from my time spent in London.  It is so difficult to believe that I haven’t seen at least half of them in 2 full years.  Wow. 

On this day 2 years ago…. I would’ve been working in Twickenham, commuting back to S.Ken, stopping at Sainsburys for a bottle of store brand vodka and some Diet Coke, throwing on a short skirt & heels and taking pulls from the delicious mix on the tube with the girl friends.  Then stumbling into the nearest ONeills or Walkabout and dancing my ass off.

Look out Vegas!  Here we come!  With 3 nights, 3 days planned… we’re gonna be spending lots of mornings in recovery and nights on the town.  I can’t even recount half the ridiculousness that is our group.  There was….

  • The morning I laid out at the local A&E (not shopping like my roommate thought – it’s Accident & Emergency) to get a doctor to cut a shard of glass out of my foot.  Drunken me walked home barefoot the night previous.  Brillant
  • Getting left at the bars by your swasted friends
  • The AZ girlies sneaking some guys home with us – past the horribly observant mid-eastern front desk people.  When they got kicked outa their room, they all slept on the floor of ours.
  • Making my roommate get off the bus… and walk three miles to our place – because I had decided we were most definitely past our bus stop
  • Being mistaken for a hooker in my short skirt & trench  – by the cops
  • Going home with a friend and a random in Putney – and playing his version of PS2 & MarioKart til all hours while drinking his wine and refusing his advances
  • Tripping out the door of O’Neills …over & over & over
  • Walk of Shame – not mine, but witnessing it…
  • And finally, the mornings of “how did I get home?” over Starbucks and laughing at the pictures we captured the night before

Anyways, Vegas is gonna rock!

Ps – Psyched for the NewYorkNewYork ROLLERCOASTER!




3 responses

24 03 2008

yay for vegas!

26 03 2008

I’ve learned that the most entertaining rides in Vegas are the taxi cabs.

26 03 2008

Awesome!! I just got back today from my Vegas trip. Go the wax museum- so many fantastic picture opportunities. And the outlet malls! Be still my heart.

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