Hangovers & Meeting the neighbors

20 03 2008

(I was supposed to publish this on the 18th but forgot.)

What crackhead put Easter so close to St. Paddy’s Day? A bit hungover this morning. Rocked the dance floor last night at the local pub! Granted my ‘competition’ was all drunker than I, but I definitely put those 3 years of Irish Step dancing classes to some use finally! One treble jig later *And the crowd goes wild!* Fuck yes!

Last night looked to be aiming for a night in. I was exhausted and ready to start a new Jane Austen book. Roomie was looking for a bit more and pulled out the beer. We heard a door open in the hall, and she ran for it – loudly.
“Grace! It’s them!”
(whispering) “shh. Yes. But I thought I saw them the other day outside the building. They aren’t very cute. Boo.”
“What?! No way, I think you must’ve seen someone else. Look! One is even really buff!”
(mouthing) “They can hear you!”
“Oh now he’s looking this way!” (long pause) “Huh. He’s still looking at our door.”
(in sign language) “They can hear you!”
“What?! Oh god!”

We watched via the peephole as the two guys went into their apartment. The door shuts. We each crack open a second beer. Yea we’re stalkers. Whatev

One of the best/worst things about life with roomie is our thought patterns. She is “let’s go!” Whereas I like to first visualize a situation from every possible positive/negative angle calculating risk. Her way won out as I determined that at least we’ll prolly never see them if it is all awkward since no on in the bldg interacts. So we hopped over and introduced ourselves.

They’re good looking, our age, funny, nice, and totally welcoming. They showed us their apt, we showed them ours. Chatted for almost an hour and met some of their friends. They told us they just moved up here last wk, played rugby together, and are not used to a non-dorm setting. They have cable and love to cook so we’ve been invited over “whenever your small, noncable tv just doesn’t cut it.” We’re talking about doing a dinner together soon! sweet.

Then we went out the Pub to meet up with friends. There was live music and dancing upstairs. Basically it was mostly just a bunch of drunks swinging each other around and jigging in a tap/polish/irish/russian-equse way. When the circle opened up I did a treble jig (or rather as much of it as I remembered). It was great! Several random people said I “stole the show.” Such a confidence boost!

Roomie remembers bits of the ‘jump-2-3’ that we taught her ages ago but that’s it. It was awesome to feel like I kinda had the higher ground for once. I know that sounds bad but hearing that another friend-of-friend (‘the comedian’ or TC) digs her kinda made me sad. I’m not even interested in him, but to have another one go to her? Anyway. Enough being depressing.

I told her what our friend said about wanting to set me up with TC – but TC wanting to be setup with roomie. It took her by surprise, but I realized that I don’t need to keep those things in. I need to find balance by being open and okay with things. Learning to remain in state of happiness. 🙂 Ended up joint calling TC and we chatted with him for a while which was awesome – really reaching out past that friends-of-friends barrier. (my idea) Unfortunately, he’s in NY but we’re making plans to hangout when he gets back.

Pushing my limits a bit? I think so! Fuck yes!




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