Career Future?

20 03 2008

Most days I hate my job. No, hate is a strong word. I dislike my job; I hate my boss.  However, the company I work for is phenomenal.

    • Family owned – that’s what I grew up with.
    • Large with medium sized branch offices
    • Quarterly mtgs – all the ee’s attend and hear the confidential stuff most Co’s don’t tell you 
    • Profit sharing – semiannual incentive checks

So I just got my big ol fatty incentive check! That’s a new purse, new dress, & all of Vegas! Fuck yes! Plus I got a raise within 6months of starting here.

All in all, great company. Seriously. But I hate where I am in it. Other than the fact that it is boring as hell, there is nowhere to move here unless I transfer to another branch. I am the marketing dept of this branch. I know I could always see about a transfer into the HQ, but that’s back near the homecity. Am I really ready to go back there yet? No. I just got here.


And the real question: Do I ever want to go back home and work at the family company? It’s my dad’s dream to have at least one of his kids continue the tradition, and we always figured it’d be me. I could bring in a lot of the things I see here that really makes the employees work hard bc the companies are very similar in structure & culture – just not industry. It’s an amazing company and doing wonderfully at adapting to a constantly changing demand. But could I really work with all that family?

Sometimes I just feel like my whole life is in preparation for going home and working there. Haven’t yet decided if that’s a bad thing.

Ps – Don’t forget the movie meme!  We still only 3 for 15!




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20 03 2008


20 03 2008

Those quotes are impossible!!

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