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17 03 2008

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m stuck at work.  Would much rather be at home admiring the beautiful decorations I surprised roomie with this morning.  And drinking a pint.  Instead, I’ve my earl grey tea, a computer, & a shitton of work to finish before wednesday.  Love my slacking? Me too.  So I’m just gonna make notations of my random thoughts all day… Ready?  Set?  Drink! …shit, I mean Go!



Think I nearly cracked a rib reading one of the last Stuff White People Like.  Just about everything in there is cute and I can totally relate (unfortunately/fortunately?) almost every time. 

When white people aren’t working, they generally like to wear Outdoor Performance Clothes. The top suppliers of these garments and accessories include North Face…  The main reason white people like these clothes is that it allows them to believe that at any moment they could find themselves with a Thule rack on top of their car headed to a national park. It could be 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday when they might  get a call “hey man, you know what we need to do? Kayak then camping, right now. I’m on my way to get you, there is no time to change clothes.”  via Outdoor Performance Clothes


Skimming through the sites again I came across this Xanga – Pikerfromthesticks.  Gah. Remember xanga?  I had one, what, 4 years ago now?  I haven’t a clue what it was called anymore.  Xanga was fantastic if only for the fact that you could easily put up whatever the latest music or novel you’re in the middle of.  Just another random insight – before the Face and all. I’d like to think I wrote beautifully but it’s prolly no different than this blog.  However, the writing of this blog is sublime.  The background is a bit distracting, you’ve gotta highlight the text to actually read, and he hasn’t written in months.  But his descriptions are beautiful.  The words and phrasings he uses are both eloquent and real.  I just have to share:

Oh Ed…Anything But Blue…

Summer’s come and gone and fall is finally here.

2007. I couldn’t have dreamed this one in a thousand years. What a strange year. You gave me so much and very little will ever be the same. If I would have predicted summer in April, I wouldn’t have guessed this. I would be dead fucking wrong.

But lately, that’s just fine by me.

I got a place with two friends on the third floor where the skyline appears bright and luminous. Cranes outside blink their anti-aircraft lights in flashes of red all night, nearly indistinguishable from the pinkish hue that casts itself in perfectly striped lines on my bedroom walls. I work in a restaurant down the street where for the first time in my life, I am the minority and that’s just fine by me.

My life exists in a twelve block radius. I own no car or bike, but leg it through the neighborhood at the pace of life, able to take it all in. The leaves have changed and swirl around me on the street which never fails to get a smile. It makes me want to carve pumpkins.

So I started collecting records and reading in so much free time as the TV collected dust. I bought plants and posters and drank whiskey and wine until I had my fill. I kept my pack small and strong, with always enough time for everybody. I hung out in smoky jazz bars with red and blue lights, far, far away from the scene. There was a beat to my days, with the tempo turned up a bit as of late. Give me a walking bass line and snare, something I can turn the lights down low for, pull my hat over my eyes and just groove to.Then the school year started and things got busy, but part of me thought that was okay. Streamlining to a lean existence can be so satisfying sometimes.I want to take up a language. I want to play piano. I want to tend plants. I want to cook elaborate meals from scratch. I want to help whomever I can. I want to fold a thousand paper cranes, just to set them ablaze for the hell of it. I want to walk that highway 300 miles back to the north country. I want to read until I fall asleep.

The warm fuzzy feeling I get now and again is that there’s time to do these things.

So I might as well hop to it.

See you space cowboy.

Archives note England, Scotland, Norway, Belgium… Definately worth a look.  I especially love the posts from London because he so perfectly illustrates the feeling of life there.


Just joined the 20 Somethings Blogger group on!  Go us! Talk about a wonderful group for a beautiful group of writers.  Props to Deutlich for leading the charge and apparently James for the grand idea.  I did hesitate to throw myself in the ring at first.  I’m ever more aware that I am really putting myself out there on the net now.  The associations between my blog and my music page and the Face… Starts to niggle the worries that the wrong people might stumble across the blog.  But I don’t really see that happening I guess.  Those who I wouldn’t want looking at my writtings wouldn’t think to look anyway.


On one last note, I’m in love with the offset of the guitars and the vocals on Galaxies by Laura Veirs.  Listen to it here:  Galaxies 

That’s all. Have a great St. Paddy’s Day! I’ll toast you all with a Guinness tonight.  Party hard! (And don’t you dare drive home drunk tonight.)




2 responses

17 03 2008

I totally understand that worry – for a time being, I was a bit concerned too.. but then I thought, eh, all my friends have my blog address and I don’t write about anything I wouldn’t talk about.

The only worry I actually do have is coworkers. They can NOT find my blog. period. end of story

also – I’m glad you joined the group. Seriously!

18 03 2008

I love it when you link to tracks I can listen to straight from… yaahhh.

Well done for joining the 20SB group too.

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