Noteworthy Kisses

11 03 2008

Bumbling through the reader and its blogs is one of my favorite online pastimes. A few weeks back I found It’s like I’m… mmmagic! – also recently noted by Steph – and kind of adore her! Anyhow, so one of her most recent post answers “What was your first kiss like?” Which got me thinking about my own noteworthy kisses…

First Kiss:  Dave

He was my first boyfriend and one of my friends. It was freshman year of high school, and we had gone to a concert at the local casino with a few of our friends. A Weird Al Yankovic concert. Does that tell you anything about him? Yea I know, but Dave was a kind of weird-awesome.

So we were standing in the crowd listening to this ridiculously hilarious oddball and Dave pulls me closer. I turn to see what’s up and he goes in for the kiss… throwing me off completely since I did NOT expect it. Instead, we banged foreheads. Awkward! I laughed it off (to the jeering of the 10 yr old behind us) and we kissed. It was… short.

After the concert we walked to our separate parents cars and he calls out “Bye! I love you!” I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast in my life.

Best Kiss:  Indie & M

This is a bit of a tie. The Best Kiss Ever was definitely Indie because I totally crushed on him, and the kiss felt like the universe exploding.

The most talented kisser was probably M from London. In our first week there, my old roommate and I hit up the Sports Café off Piccadilly to meet up with some friends. We missed the friends but spent 2 hours chatting up some hotties in queue. Those 2 hours turned into the rest of the night. My old roommate is actually still dating her guy from that night… crazy huh?

Worst Kiss:  Bob

My second boyfriend (and the last guy to every be called as such) was a bit more assertive than most of the guys I knew. He was attentive, observant, friendly, flirty. Of course it would turn out he was gay. But months before I knew that, we were dating and just before leaving a friend’s house, he kissed me. It was… wet & sloppy – like kissing a dog – he seemed to be attempting to swallow my face.

I was so stunned at the horrors of it that I left with my mom, completely forgetting I was giving a friend a ride home. Bob and I dated for another week after that because I was too chicken to figure out how to say ‘not interested.’ He dumped me to bring another girl to the homecoming dance. At least I can say I’m not the last one to date him before he came out of the closet.

Last Kiss:  SCE

Working on that. I know I shouldn’t just go around macking on friends of friends, but I don’t let it become awkward so nbd, right? He’s a good kisser though. More controlling than the rest of ‘em, but good.

So, do tell.  Who was your first kiss???




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11 03 2008

first kiss: dr. jm. well, soon to be. it wasn’t spectacular but he was my first bf. did i mention we didn’t kiss when we dated? (we were 12). oh yeah, but we found time to in high school. ha. perhaps we will sometime soon? oh yeaaaa, girlfriend of 3.5 years. dangit.

best kiss: unfortunately, i have yet to find something worthwhile…isn’t that sad? i guess it says alot about the kind of guys i’ve been around, ha ha. bowie (i’ll call him) was ok for the first couple min, and then it went downhill from there. hmmm, oh yes i remember a good one. a friend from abroad who’s now in a relationship. basically, i made the first move because i was drunk, and took a comment too literally! haha, we still laugh about it.

worst kiss: north african club guy. now, you see when i first arrived in france i was kinda disappointed by the men in my city (apparently the ugly ones are in the far north). i was at a club my first weekend and started dancing with this guy….well, i kissed him. it was horrible, awkward and i was quite shocked since i DO NOT ever make the first move, anywhere! needless to say i came out of it a little more confident. did i mention i was drunk? ugh.

last kiss: nyf. it was new years, and supposed to be way romantic. well, i was drunk (and under the influence of an illegal substance) and fell, falling by a chair with my hand clasped over my mouth. and then sitting on the ground he leaned over and did it. not a good one, but a nyk nonetheless.

are you seeing a common theme of kissing failure here?? haha, oh well, until the next one comes along….

11 03 2008
18 03 2008

First kiss was my best friend’s cousin, Chris. I was 13. It was my best friend’s birthday party in June and I was spending the night after the awesome pool party! Chris was also staying since he lived in Missouri. Us three were outside cleaning up the mess and running around with the last of the water balloons that somehow hadn’t been broken earlier.
We filled up the garbage can and I went to take it around to the front of the house. Chris chased me and tried to take the garbage can away from me. We both pulled it around to the front laughing and teasing each other (don’t forget we had a GARBAGE CAN – que romantica!)
We put it at the end of the driveway and he spun me around and kissed me – french kissed me!
I don’t recall much of the kiss, just that his tongue was in my mouth and I clearly hadn’t closed my eyes since halfway through I realized I’d been staring at the light post they have in their front yard.
We pulled away and looked at each other. I did something silly like smiled/giggled while wiping off the slobber from my face and then ran to the backyard again where I wasted no time to pull my best friend away behind a tree and tell her every detail of the kiss that had taken place a good 30 seconds before.
Chris went back to Missouri, I stayed here in Wisconsin and didn’t see him again until two years ago at my best friend’s wedding when I walked in holding my boyfriend’s hand.
Guess my first kiss definitely wasn’t true love!!

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