Drink the Night Away

7 03 2008

I know I promised a bit more on the SCE… but I haven’t heard from him and am focused on not overthinking anything.  All things considered, I think he should call me this weekend or next, I’m not picky. Anyway.

Busy weekend.  Drove 2hrs home last night with roomie to meet up with our families and catch the Gaelic Storm concert and 2hours back so I could still get to work in the morning.  My little (not so as she’s got at least 3 inches on me) sister has been Irish Step Dancing for 13ish years now, and everytime GS comes into town they set up that my little can dance some songs at the performances.  It was wonderful to be back home for a bit.  Spent some quality time with the family & niece.  My niece is almost 3 now and absolutely adorable. I call her Little Miss – for Little Miss Dictator – because she is just about the most demanding little thing.  I spent the majority of the show avoiding her tickles and ‘kisses’ (she licks. wtf?)

Gaelic Storm

One of my personal favorites, Gaelic Storm is a great band to see in concert.  If you haven’t seen them live yet, go!  I’ve been to upwards of 8? of their concerts and love it everytime.  It’s hard to dislike Irish music to begin with, but these guys are amazing!  Irish inspired, traditional, folk, pub rock & drinking songs are the setlist.  You might remember them as the band that played in the movie Titanic (steerage passengers’ dance?), but they have been around for quite a while.  

Note the wellies?

Gaelic Storm really has an amazing stage presence that goes beyond just a performance.  They involve the entire audience throughout the show and get everyone dancing in their seats.  They get tipsy (or drunk on St. Pat’s) on stage while the audience gets cranked and sings along to the likes of Kelly’s Wellies, Johnny Tarr, & Kiss Me I’m Irish.

Patrick & Steve take the lead on the vocals.  Steve plays guitar, Pete *swoon* plays the bagpipes, Ryan is on drums, Jessie is their new fiddle and Patrick plays the accordian, harmonica & just about anything else needed for a song.  Patrick could cover the ‘personality’ bit of the show all on his own, but the whole band is exciting to watch. 




Shows sell out fast.  If you hear of them coming near you, buy tickets ASAP. I Promise you won’t regret it.  The concert is always phenomnal and with plenty of laughs.  And after it’s all said and done, it’s out to the local pub for drinks with the fans.   

Singing Along To:




3 responses

7 03 2008

Aye, yer man Patrick’s a right scalliwag….never miss these blokes when they’re within a hundred miles of here. Bloody fine post, mate!

8 03 2008

It’s really weird when kids that age get on a licking rampage.

wtf indeed.

8 03 2008

Oooh, I’ll have to check those guys out, for sure. Thanks for the heads up. 😉

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