First NBA Game!

3 03 2008

Went to my first NBA game!!!  Hell yes!  Holy crap.  These things are huge events!  I mean, I worked in the proshop for 3 seasons for the NFL and know the gameday rush.  I’ve been to my fair share of football, soccer, & rugby games.  This was my v.first professional basketball game.

Considering the team we were against, SCE was pretty convinced a loss was inevitable. He works the pregame promotions for extra cash and free tickets to all the home games. The previous night he had invited roomie and I to come to the game.  As he had left his watch at my place, I figured we’d go and I’d give him the watch.  Except roomie changed plans.

Just after bugging SCE for a 1 more ticket so that roomie’s photographer could join us as well, photoboy decided he didn’t want to go after all.  As in, “sports? ew.”  I was PISSED. SCE didn’t invite me he invited us.  If she didn’t go… that made it more of a date.  Not that I have anything against dates.  But consider this:  Let’s say you more or less mess around with someone but aren’t really interested much past that.  You invite her and her friend to a game.  Then it turns into just you and the girl.  Seems pretty drawn doesn’t it? Feeling a bit setup?

Well, as it turns out, it was a ton of fun.  He had saved me one of the baseball caps they were selling as promotions, and we walked to find seats.  Ours, being free, were somewhere up in the 400s.  But we grabbed seats just half up from the court.  It was amazing!  We talked and joked around through most of the game.  The little sideshows happening at each timeout were hilarious.  Loved the little parachutes flying down off the ceiling, the mascot backflipping across the court (and into one of the officials!), skankyass dancers in their gogo boots, watching the kiss cam, and *sigh* Tony Parker. (no, Eva was not present) The game itself was really exciting too!

The other team was in control through the 3rd quarter until we had an 11-3 run late in the fourth, capped by a major driving layup that gave us a 94-93 lead with only 20 seconds left! Then it was just shot after shot, foul after foul. The game ended after our missed free throws left us 2 under at 96-94. Disappointing last second. But the time leading up to those final seconds was AMAZING.

Damn.  Love basketball games.

He walked me back to my car, and we made plans to meet up at the bar roomie & photoboy were at.  He bought me a few drinks, and we just hung out joking around & talking shit about the college kids all around us.  It feels almost weird to be with someone not stressing about classes or profs or getting a job.  You get so used to it.  Come midnight, he walked me back to my car.  Hug but no kiss.  And then I went home, and he off to see JL.

Will write thoughts about this later…




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6 03 2008
Valley Girl

Thanks for the link love, sweetie!

6 03 2008

Hug eh? Sounds promising. Keep us posted!

27 03 2008
Persuasion « Cassette45

[…] SCE called over Easter totally out of the blue.  We were both back home for the weekend, and he was looking to go out to the bars.  I had friends over and turned him down.  Still.  Flattered he called. First time I’ve heard from him since the game. […]

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