Remember SCE?

2 03 2008

Ahh the weekend. With a week that seemed to be refusing to end, I was ecstatic when Friday finally arrived.

Needing a bit of a pick-me-up, Roomie & I decided to check out the local comedy cafe for some standup that night. We called a few of our favorites but only one other person was interested in going along. SCE.

As I mentioned before, he came to our party last wkend …. wait, just checked. Didn’t actually post about that party… will have to scrounge up my journal to find the bit. hang on.

I love parties. Ridiculous, loud, wild, drunken parties. And I love hosting them. Roomie & I planned, invited, shopped, & I cleaned. This apt was READY. Come last Saturday, only 5 people had rsvped.  And none were girls.

JL & our cousin P came early in the night, and for a long while it was just the 4 of us sitting around the kitchen recounting our best drunken adventures – like JL getting accidently getting into a car of hookers thinking it was a cab and losing his wallet as well as being dropped in the middle of the ghetto with nothing but a bag of candy.  My initial fears of a lameass party were dismissed completely.  P & JL are the friendliest, most outgoing guys I know.  They could make friends with anyone.  The party was bound to go well.

3hrs later, we’re in the middle of an intense game of Catchphrase coupled with Table Topics set to music of The Hold Steady.  Sometime before midnight, 9 guys & 2 girls left the apt in search of the bars.  3 more hrs later, most of us are blackedout wandering home from Qdoba.  I’m still not sure what happened to the rest of the group.  I’m assuming they went home.  But I do remember standing in the kitchen continuing to flirt ridiculously with SCE (who was invited by JL not by me).  Then I up & decided to go to bed.  How freaking responsible of me!!! I even remember mulling over the fact that SCE obviously was ready to come back to my bed too, but chose not to invite him. Passed out.

You always learn a lot the next morning.  That’s what cameras are for right?   When I woke up alone at 8, I realized my careless nature meant my camera was MIA.  Fuck.  I threw on clothes and rewalked our journey from the night before.  Nowhere to be found. Dejected, I returned to the apt. Walked into roomie’s to find her curled up between JL & another of our guests in her double bed.  “Oh I dont know where your camera is, but I know where this one is.”  …it was mine.

So what randomass shit did we get up to?  Well, apparently we amassed 14 noise complaints.  14! Roomie alerted me to this sometime after I re-blackedout, after I drunk dialed Indie twice, & sometime after the 4am kitchen waterfight & arrival of the cop at the door.  Yes, a cop.  No ticket though! Just a verbal warning this time.

Anyway, so we had a great time with SCE at the party and figured it’d be fun to invite him along to the comedians. The 3 of us had a great time. Our table ended up being immediately in front of the stage. Led to a few tits, pretties, & elimidate jokes. (we actually did look a bit like an episode w/ all of us on one side of the table & SCE sitting between us. lol) Smiling still hurt the following morning.

After the shenanigans at the cafe, we drove downtown to hang out with our mutual friend JL at the college bar. Several drinks later, roomie deduced that SCE was not fit to drive home and invited him back with us. He and I had been flirting on/off all night and eh, he did seem a little tipsy.  A few intense eye contacts “Should I come back with you?” later, and we’re in my kitchen making out after Roomie went to bed. Did I tell him to sleep on the v.comfortable couch? Of course not. 😉 Waking up in the morning curled up in his arms was wonderful. I’d wake up like that everyday if I could.




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3 03 2008


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