Sia Concert

28 02 2008

Slacking off per usual.  I’ve been meaning to write all week but haven’t really had much to say outside of “I’m feeling paranoid.”  See what’s the point of a truely outrageous rant on the fact that I haven’t spoken to Indie since Sunday?  It’s Thursday.  I’m not going to go into the details of the high levels of brain activity causing a major slippery-Madison-hwys type traffic jam preventing all non-Indie thoughts to escape unharmed.

But I will not subject you to that rant.  I’ve been very good all week.  I have mentioned him only 2x in passing (including to my roomie).  So, for now, Chapter Indie has been closed.

What else is there to write about?  Oooo! How about the concert I went to last night?!


Well, I’d hadn’t actually heard of Sia before Roomie played Breathe Me the night we added new pictures to our HotGuyWall.  (had to add our Hayden Christensen!)  She invited me to the concert, and I’m never one to turn down a concert (Even when I’m paying. gads! All my $$$ is just flying out the door. Please pay me back people!) 

She scared me. A little. Initially.  This is how they walked out on stage:

via TeenVogue

Let’s see, can you pick out the pianist, drummer, bass, Sia, guitar, & cello?  I think not. But those are their actual costumes for the first song.  I’m not familiar with her songs or I’d provide the setlist.  However, I will say she was Phenomenal!  I’m sure you know who she is – without realizing it.  Breathe Me has been featured in various films/shows – most notably the last episode of Six Feet Under.  That song is a little misleading though.  I imagined most of her music to sound like that.  Her personality must also be of that realm – soft, inviting, real.

Be my friend / Hold me, wrap me up / Unfold me / I am small / and needy / Warm me up / And breathe me

No.  The moment she picks up that mic, she amazes with a powerful voice that weaves in and out of the delicate and the harsh.  She’s completely unique and intriguing.  What made the concert was how she carried it.  This wasn’t just a show; it was an interaction with the crowd.  The austrialian dedicated song after song to randoms in the audience – including an “Eric the Truck Driver who had a booboo when I met him at the gas station this morning.”  There is a very different vibe to a Sia concert from your average.  When she stepped away from the mic she was like a little 7 year old girl complete with higher pitched voice, fluttering hands, random dancing and “do you really like me? really? sweeeeeet!” type attitude.  She gave away some of the random stuff animals sitting on the stage and recieved gifts from audience members – many of whom were sporting glow sticks and necklaces.

A bit off?  Seems that way at first, but it’s really kinda like watching your uber-excited favorite niece up on stage because she’s so adorable.  And then she sings.  You HAVE to check out her music.  It’s so beautiful!  She plays with lyrics and the music.  Watching her in concert is like seeing your bestie from elementary standing outside your door “Come out and play!!!!”

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