Kate Voegele

27 02 2008

There’s still nothing on tv, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Roomie and I have been watching random shit here and there, but reruns are really boring.  A few weeks back we stopped at One Tree Hill on the CW.  Overdramatic yes, but still kinda fun.  The episode we saw had ‘Mia’ playing for a crowd (including exbf? Kevin Federline *choke*).  I fell in love with the song.  My lack of internet at the time prevented downloading and I forgot about it immediately and moved on with life.  Last night we watched it again and there she was!  A regular character who is an amazing singer? Sweet.

Kate Voegele

In a moment of $7.99 weakness I downloaded the entire Don’t Look Away album by Kate Voegele (aka Mia), and I love it!  It’s so perfect right now.  The power in her voice makes you sing along like you secretly do whenever Kelly Clarkson plays on the radio.  The lyrics are just so damn on.

I was untouchable
Until karma crashed my party
Found out I’m crushable, oh
And I’m the only one who’s sorry
…This is how hurt feels
And it’s everything they say it is

I Get It

I stop to catch my breath
And I stop to catch your eye
No need to second-guess
That you’ve been on my mind
I dream days away, but that’s okay

It’s like I want to hear a silent sound
And then hold it in my hand
But a rose won’t blossom from a ground
Of desert sand, but I like to pretend that

One day I’ll turn around, I’ll see your hand reach out
I’m only fooling myself, oh
But maybe when you smile
It means you’d stay awhile
Just maybe you’d save me now

Well, now it’s etched in stone
That I can’t survive alone
You have the missing piece
That I need so desperately
Yes, I slip away to a day that’ll never come

It’s like a splash of water to my face
When I suddenly realize
That you could never find a place
For me in your eyes, and I don’t know why I keep thinking
– Only Fooling Myself

It’s hard to believe she’s only 20. I mean gah! I’m 21 (22 in T-20 days) and haven’t accomplished half of what she has. You can’t help but wonder what experiences, what relationships, what situations inspires her lyrics – and the passion in her voice. Kate is a singer/songwriter (and apparently actress) who has been writing and performing since high school. She’s currently studying at Miami in Ohio and signed with MySpace Records (seriously?) for Don’t Look Away.

The musical landscape is teeming with singer/songwriters, many of them quite capable, but only a handful have something truly distinctive to offer. Kate Voegele belongs in the latter category. Don’t Look Away, Voegele’s first full-length album (MySpace Records), is a revelation, as the 20-year-old writer/singer, belying her tender years, delivers songs of depth and insight with a powerfully seductive voice that maintains a fierce presence amid dynamic rock grooves and infectious pop hooks. Produced by the veteran Marshall Altman (Matt Nathanson, Mark Broussard), Don’t Look Away is a bravura effort from an old soul with a youthful spirit; think of her album as a female parallel to John Mayer’s Room for Squares—at once a zeitgeist-capturing landmark and the launchpad for a viable career.

The tracks range from the rootsy acoustic ballad “Wish You Were,” with its mandolin and accordion filigree, and the sparse, piano-based “Kindly Unspoken” to the widescreen heartbreak anthem “Only Fooling Myself” and the ironically titled “It’s Only Life,” a soaring expression of female empowerment, which Voegele describes as “a motivational, uplifting song about dealing with situations rather than trying to hide from them.” “One Way or Another” is an edgy rocker about romantic victimization, while the punchy “Chicago,” she says, “is a metaphorical representation of any kind of escape, about just needing to get away. The line at the end of the chorus is, ‘I’ll be on the seven o’clock to Chicago,’ so it refers to a specific city, but it’s universally applicable.”

Currently Playing:
– One Way or Another
– I Get It
– No Good
– Only Fooling Myself
– Wish You Were