Peace Distrupted

20 02 2008

Each beautiful morning I wake up an extra hour early. If I can roll out at 6, I have an entire hour to do my sun salutations and mediation before breakfast. Then with just 15 mins to spare, I jump into my work clothes and fall out the door racing in heels to my car.

This morning, my peace was disrupted. In fact, this isn’t the first time. For the last 7 yoga mornings I have closed my eyes only to have Indie swimming through my mind. No matter how hard I try to focus above, he completely distracts me! It’s driving me mad! I’ve not had issues relaxing in ages but suddenly I can’t at all.

Fuck. I want my hour back.

On that meditation train of thought – I really like this quote from a book I stole from my brother:
“Prayers aren’t for the deity,” said Aven. “They’re for you, to recommit yourself to what you believe.”




5 responses

20 02 2008

What are sun salutations?

That is pretty impressive to get out of bed a whole hour early. Intriguingly so.

20 02 2008

oooh, teach me yoga. i want to do it but i = lazy.

i’m the girl who gets up at 6:15 for work at 6:30 (like this morning).

sorry i can’t come to your party 😦

ps – i miss you!

21 02 2008
Miss Musical

So great that you’re doing that for yourself – I bet you have a much better day when you can center yourself at the start like that!

21 02 2008

Oh man! I wish I could get an hour of peace (in my brain!) I have never been able to meditate. Although, I have tried on numerous occasions, I just can’t seem to stop my brain. So I TOTALLY get it! Maybe you should talk to the Indie in your head and ask him to leave politely?

21 02 2008

James – sun salutations are a series of poses in yoga. Really wonderful for stretching in the morning. I love getting up early because I have the whole apt to myself.

Allie – miss you too! I’d totally teach you if you come to visit 😉

Miss Musical – It’s crazy how centering yourself before you face the day makes it so much easier to manage. You tend to take everything in stride much better when you’ve had that little extra time to yourself.

Andrea – I completely understand when you say it’s difficult to clear your mind. I had the hardest time understanding meditation until I read Eat Pray Love which then inspired me to reread the Bhagavad Gita. One of the technics I have heard of is asking the offending thought to leave… so as much as it seems kinda ridic to picture me asking him to leave my head for a bit, it TOTALLY WORKED this morning!!! thanks!

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