Peace Distrupted

20 02 2008

Each beautiful morning I wake up an extra hour early. If I can roll out at 6, I have an entire hour to do my sun salutations and mediation before breakfast. Then with just 15 mins to spare, I jump into my work clothes and fall out the door racing in heels to my car.

This morning, my peace was disrupted. In fact, this isn’t the first time. For the last 7 yoga mornings I have closed my eyes only to have Indie swimming through my mind. No matter how hard I try to focus above, he completely distracts me! It’s driving me mad! I’ve not had issues relaxing in ages but suddenly I can’t at all.

Fuck. I want my hour back.

On that meditation train of thought – I really like this quote from a book I stole from my brother:
“Prayers aren’t for the deity,” said Aven. “They’re for you, to recommit yourself to what you believe.”