18 02 2008

Considering all the issues, conflicts, problems that affect our world today….

If you could fix just one, what would it be?  Darfur? Global warming? Starving children in Africa? Gangs? Wars? Legal systems? Healthcare? Foreign aid? Something local? or something far away?  What’s important to you?


Stuck in the Storm

18 02 2008

This morning I woke up to pure ice.  Everywhere.  There was an inch of it completely incasing my car, which I had left in my parents’ driveway overnite.  Damn.  Then the snow started.  Then the winds. Looks like I’ll be heading home to the city tomorrow morning at the crack of 5am to get to work on time.  w00t

On a whole, it’s been a good weekend.  I’ve decided to ‘write off’ Indie for my own sanity for now.  He’s shit at communication, and I’ve been dying to know if he’ll be at the upcoming party that NO ONE is attending. (thanks kids) It’s easier to deal with him when I don’t wonder and dwell.  Sure I know I haven’t really written him off. I never really did.  I just compartmentalize all things Indie until a time when I can actually deal.  However, this has meant really going out of my way to keep my mind super busy.

Plus I totally rocked at not being that annoying girl who only talks about ‘the boy’ all the time by only mentioning him 5x in passing with the girls! fuck yea! I finally got to tell my exroomie CK about it, and she reacted the way I’ve been waiting for – jumping up and down ‘finally! yay you!’ – all the excitement and joy I needed to see.  Miss that girl.

Decent weather.  I did get to watch my dad receive an award for basically just being a good person.  And I was able to see my old roommates and go out for CL’s 22nd birthday.  All fun stuff.  Now just tired. Ready to go home and unpack.

Accomplished a lot at least.

  • Checked on my credit – no one has taken my identity yet, thank god.
  • Paid bills & loans
  • Booked flights to the VEGAS for a reunion of the girls I was in London with and miss terribly
  • Made a delicious vegan potpie with my little sister who is now leaning that way (I gave up. too allergic to give up all meat.)

Hope the rest of you had wonderful wkends!